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Is there a survey on this site that you think we need to add? Email me at paddedtushstats@gmail.com or post a comment anywhere on this blog and I will set up a survey for that diaper ASAP


Padded Tush Stats is a rapidly growing website that is designed to provide comprehensive reviews of diapers and how they perform on different baby types. 

The website also brings in a  large number of new visitors, as diaper manufactures often encourage people to come to the website to fill out surveys for their diapers. 

If you are interested in encouraging followers to rate your diaper, feel free to put the following button on your site:

Padded Tush Stats
<div align="center"><a href="http://www.paddedtushstats.com" title="Padded Tush Stats"><img src="http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k531/tarabean25/PaddedTushStatsRateDiaper.png" alt="Padded Tush Stats" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

You can also be a sponsor of Padded Tush Stats. Below are the rates:

125X125 Sidebar ads are:
1 month = $15
3 months = $35 
6 months = $65 
12 months = $120

You can also have your banner appear at the bottom of all of my posts for only $25 a month.

It is important that I stick with the theme of this website, therefore I would like all sponsors to be baby-related. It is also important that since my website is essentially promoting a sponsor, I want to know enough about them to support and back them. If it is a product I do not fully support, I will decline to advertise.

I also accept diapers for review and giveaways. There are two kinds of reviews done here. One can be a personal review that is my own take on the diaper (this is often done if there aren't quite 20 survey responses yet). You can see a sample of a personal review here. I also do a full statistical review of the diaper based on survey responses. You can see a sample statistical review here

I have two main beliefs when it comes to diaper reviews: (1) For every diaper, there is a baby out there that it works well for. Therefore, reviews at Padded Tush Stats emphasize what kinds of babies certain diapers work well for, and perhaps struggles some people may have with a diaper. Since I include both the praises of the diaper and the issues people had, you can expect a pretty honest review. (2) People (including myself) can give up on a diaper because of a certain issue without even troubleshooting with the makers of the diaper. I have found that the makers provide a lot of great tips. That is why all reviews are shown to the diaper makers with the option for them to provide comments; however, I DO NOT change any answers, I simply give them a chance to add a comment.

Please contact me if you are interested (paddedtushstats@gmail.com).

Thank you in advance for considering becoming a sponsor of Padded Tush Stats!

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