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New to Cloth Diapering? My Favorites

I hope you won't look at all the stats on this site and go, "Whoah, cloth diapering is too much for me!" Instead, I hope you will see this site as a way of ensuring that you make the best diaper purchases for your baby. Trust me, if it were easy to run stats on baby carriers, swaddling blankets, and all other baby products, I would totally do it.

Cloth diapering really is simple. I just figure with how much money going into the up front costs of cloth diapering  (and, in my defense, that doesn't have to happen if you start using your Swagbucks like I do to buy diapers), you might as well increase your odds of getting a diaper that works best for your baby. You can check out the chart here that compares statistics based on surveys we have collected from other cloth diaper owners to see their thoughts. 

But since I have tried over 50 different cloth diapers, and am fairly opinionated, I thought I would show you some of my recommendations. I will probably revise this regularly as I try more  diapers (this is revised as of 8/11/11)

To understand the different cloth diapering terms, I hope you will find THIS LINK helpful.
Click on the image to take you where to buy them** and click on the name of the diaper to take you to a Padded Tush Stats review.

* Remember, I like several other diapers I have tried on my kids, these are just the absolute favorites.

All in Ones:

Ragababe AIO

These are some of the most trim diapers that we have. They are also SUPER absorbent, and yet are somehow the first diapers to dry. They don't hold stink. Downside is they are a on the pricier side and are tough to get because the store only opens periodically.

Bumgenius Elemental

This diaper is very absorbent and I love the natural fibers that make it so soft. I wish it came in velcro and dried faster, but overall it is a great choice.

All in twos:

Ragababe AI2
I love how trim these are. I also find that the inside lining is SOFT, but yet it doesn't hold stink. I just give it a little wipe down between changes and it is great. I wish there were a one size for this. Also, these are tough to get.

Softbums Omni with Bamboo or OPod

I love that I can easily switch out the insert. The bamboo is super absorbent, but I like that you don't have to fold the OPod. It is tough to adjust the fit and get it just right (so it is no leaks, yet no red marks), but once you I get it right, it works great and is very trim. Love that it is one size.

Sprout AI2
LOVE the fit of this diaper. I like how it fits across the stomach. Although I am not a fan of side snappers, for some reason I don't mind it at all with this diaper. I also love the inserts--they are so soft. Only downsides I see thus far are that the edges of my inserts are fraying and you have to reach into the elastic of the diaper to adjust the sizing.

Pocket Diapers
Oh Katy

I find that this diaper gives both of my kids the best coverage (see the Night section for a little more info). Also, because I am diapering two at once, I like that I don't have to reach into the elastic to adjust the sizing.

Fitted Diapers
Little Boppers

Of all the categories on here, this is the one where I feel least versed in, as I am still testing out fitteds. But I found this diaper to be nearly leak-free. I also think that the customer service is outstanding.

Osocozy Unbleached

These are the softest prefolds that I have found...and I was on a quest for a while to find the softest prefolds!

Thirsties duo cover

These seem to be relatively bullet proof covers, in my opinion. On a newborn I didn't think they looked the trimmest, but overall they are fantastic.

Thirsties sized covers

I really liked how trim this was on a newborn and nothing got past it. Downside is that I hear they are phasing these out and replacing them with duos. Another downside is that they are sized, but if you don't want sized, get a duo!

For Night
Ragababe AIO

I had a huge battle trying to find a super absorbent night diaper that didn't hold stink. This was the answer. It is so absorbent, especially if I lay a Ragababe insert on top of it.

Oh Katy

I didn't know if it is just the stars alligning just right, but my kids sleep the longest when wearing these diapers. I noticed it for a while and didn't say anything, but when hubbs noticed it then I knew we were on to something. I like the coverage. Only downside is that there is an awkward setting on this diaper: when it is on the small setting and you have to fold the one size insert, the snaps come undone while stuffing due to the bulkiness. I just remedy this by stuffing it with a smaller insert (like a Ragababe or an Applecheeks). For my older child, I stuff it with a Knickernappies Superdo.

My Husband Recommends
Ragababe AIO

This is the only diaper he will put on my daughter in the daytime.

Hubbs: "That blue diaper is money at night." (ours is the pretty Twilight one)

For diapering two at once
Bumgenius Elemental

I love that you can easily change between settings. So I snap all of these down to the lowest setting and put in the diaper bag. When I am out and about, I either put it on the little one, or unsnap the rise to put it on the older one. No having to restuff a pocked or reach in the gussets (elastic around the legs) to adjust elastic.

Softbums Omni

I like how swapping out the inserts = less space taken up in the laundry = doing cloth diaper laundry (a little) less often.

For daycare
Dry Bees

Very easy to put on. My daycare likes this.

Ragababe AIO

Easy to put on, and yet very absorbent so I am less likely to have to carry backup outfits.

Kissaluvs 0

NEVER leaked and the fact that it is just one snap on each side was great for this sleep-deprived Mom! It also had much fewer repelling issues. They did take a little longer to dry.

Osocozy Unbleached

I used these a lot because nothing got past them and they were cheap. I used a snappy and never had a leak. I didn't use them at night because the odds of my contact-free eyes causing me to snappy myself to the diaper (or, worse yet, snappy my BABY) were very high.

Thirsties XS Cover

Bulletproof and trim

Tots Bots Tini Fit

I liked how snug this fit and the velcro was nice. Didn't like that I had to stuff, but I liked that it unstuffed itself in the wash.

Ragababe 2-Step Size 0

I liked the VERY trim fit. This diaper was the first of the stash to fit well and the newborn diaper that my guy fit in the longest. I also liked the fact that I could swap out the inserts, meaning that there was less space taken up in the wash (which is a HUGE plus with having a newborn).

Little Boppers Fitted

I think I had maybe one leak in the history of having this diaper. Very absorbent. Downside is the many layers of the insert made it a little bulky between the legs. Prints are cute and the customer service is great.

GroVia Newborn AIO

Very cute, so I would have him in this when out and about. Also like that it is just one snap on each side to close. It didn't leak and it trapped in the poop. It fit him for a while. Only downside is how long it took to dry.

Most Trim
Ragababe AIO

These pass my jeans test. No shelf bum. There have been many occasions when the hubby has put my daughter in one of these and I, upon seeing her in jeans, think he has put her in a disposable.

Flip with Stay Dry Insert (or even with a Flat or Ragababe insert)

I like to fiddle with inserts on this to try to get it as trim as possible, but it really does allow for a trim fit.

Applecheeks inserts

SUUUPER soft. I like how they trifold so that they dry faster.


These are like magic as far as absorbency is concerned. Good news is even with the Ragababe store being open only periodically, I believe you can always buy these. I put them in lots of my diapers, not just Ragababes.

Knickernappies Superdo (for heavy wetter)

These are ridiculously absorbent. Only downsides are they can hold stink well and take a while to dry.

Flip Organic

These are so soft (and, I think, get softer with age) and very absorbent. They aren't quite absorbent enough for night use on my older child, but they hold up to naps.

Thirsties Fab Wipes

I have tried several different wipes and these are the perfect balance of softness and functionality in grabbing stuff off the bum. I find that softer wipes (like flannel) don't really pick stuff up, they just kind of glide over, while the less soft wipes hurt my rash prone babies. I have noticed that the white side of the wipes repels the water, so I only pour my solution on the colored side of the wipes.

Bumgenius Diaper Sprayer

I love this thing. Only downside is when I grab it the wrong way and spray myself in the face (and yes, that has happened more than once!). This just hooks to the side of my toilet and I spray the twosies out of the diapers. It is very powerful so it gets off even the most clingy of messes.

Leslie's Boutique Hanging Wet Bag

This is the wet bag I have found thus far that holds in stink the best. Plus I rarely have trouble with moisture wicking out of it. I really like the newer hanging pail design that makes it to where you don't have to take one handle off of the hook/door in order to unzip the bag.

Applecheeks Diaper Liners

I find that these give the best coverage in the diaper, yet aren't too big. They are also soft, not scratchy like others that just make me feel like I am sticking a dryer sheet in a diaper.


I had a lot of issues with repelling with this at first, until I realized that I just wasn't getting enough water through my diapers in the wash. I do like to use a liner when using it, just in case. But, even then, I use a Ragababe liner and, even though it is reusable (so it is in the wash with everything else), I have no repelling.

Have you tried any of these diapers? If so, please do me a favor and head on over here to fill out a survey on how you felt about the diaper. These survey responses are collected and contribute to a comprehensive statistical reviews that are sorted by baby characteristics.

**Some of the images here are linked to my affiliate sponsors, where I get a small chunk of change if you buy using those links. So if you use those links, I just want to thank you in advance. The fact that I had an affiliate with these did not impact my recommendations in any way. 


  1. I'd love to hear more about why you like the particular diapers on the list more than any others :) (And I am on the hunt for new diapers as my baby gets bigger, so I reference your website all the time, and have recommended it to other people! I love all the data! Keep it up, and I'll keep filling out surveys as I try more diapers!)

  2. OK Carolyn. I just fixed it with descriptions. I hope that helps! Thank you for referencing my website, I am so excited to hear it is helpful for you. And thanks for passing the word on. You made my day (oh wait, it is 3am, so I guess NIGHT!).

  3. Hooray for more diaper commentary, I love it! :)

  4. I love what you do! I don't have experience to contribute to your surveys... yet. I'm due in September. Please keep the videos coming! I would love to see you review the Mommy's Touch Budget Bottoms, and the Bright Star Baby AIO and AI2. I've been looking into those but for now have decided on Thirsties Duo Wraps with a really trim, absorbent, and hopefully stay dry insert... any suggestions? I've been looking into maybe a bamboo fleece?

  5. Thanks Che, I will add those diapers in the "to make surveys for" list. Are you wanting newborn suggestions or just insert suggestions for any baby?


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