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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ragababe Organic 2-Step Diaper Review


Here at Padded Tush Stats we released another survey for cloth diapering parents to review: the Ragababe Organic 2-step diaper. I was excited to receive FORTY-TWO responses.


In the survey, respondents are broken down by the kinds of diapering issues their babies face, as well as by their babies’ weight. Before we look at the results of the survey, I wanted to provide some basic information on the diaper. You can also see this in the video here:

Ragababe Organic 2-Step Diaper Review

The Ragababe Organic 2-Step Diaper is an All-in-Two diapering system, which means you can use the cover over and over again, and the inserts snap neatly in place. Ragababe recommends 3 uses per cover, unless the baby poops and in that case you normally want to wash the cover (I swear my daughter knew how much I was loving these diapers and therefore always pooped in the first use of the cover!). The diapering system comes in 3 sizes: size 0 (4-18 pounds), size 1 (9-30 pounds), and size 2 (15-40+ pounds). You will most likely end up buying only two different sizes. if you find out you have a baby on the chunkier side, chances are you can jump from a 0 to a 2, otherwise you will just go from a 0 to a 1.

There are THREE items you can put in the diaper:
Snap-in Insert:
This is the basic insert that you put in the diaper. It snaps right in.  It comes in sizes small, medium, and large. It is made of 2 layers of organic cotton sherpa on the outside and two layers of bamboo rayon on the inside.

Doubler: This is what you would use to have some extra protection for night-time or naptime OR it works as a newborn insert. It is made of 2 layers of organic cotton sherpa on the outside and 1 layer of bamboo rayon on the inside (great to add in for naptime/nighttime).

Liner: Many respondents said this is great for just a little extra protection without much bulk (great for going out!). It also works as a premie insert. It is made of 2 layers of organic cotton sherpa.

For sizing information, don’t hesitate to look at the website and even go to the Ragababe Facebook page to ask for advice. I found a WEALTH of information in both places.

1 week old (birth weight: 6 pounds, 14 ounces):

Newborn, roughly 7 pounds:


Newborn, 7 pounds


9 lb baby in a size 1 (smallest snap setting with doubler)



Size large, hearts AIO on a 29lb 37in 2 year old:


Main Findings:

This diaper was off the charts for pretty much everything. Several respondents couldn’t whole-heartedly commit to saying this is a good night-time diaper. Of the respondents with babies different diapering needs, those with chunky babies had the most struggles with the diaper, but they still performed very strongly in this category. As you can see, there are five stars all over the place here. The diaper did very well in regards to absorbency and trim.

Click image to enlarge

Image ragababe issues tables

The people who seemed most satisfied with this diaper were those who diaper babies in the 15-25 pound range. It is my theory that since Ragababe is a fairly new line of diapers, most people had already started on cloth diapering. I am curious to revisit this survey after more people try the diaper starting at birth (in ~2 weeks I will be one of those people!).

Click Image to enlarge

Ragababe Organic 2 step tables by size

* trim
* cute
* customizable snaps
* adjustable
* multiple uses with one diaper
* easy to use
* absorbent
* wash well/dry fast
* organic
* high quality
* soft on baby skin
* good velcro

* learning curve to get diaper fit
* higher price
* Uses velcro closure instead of snaps
* A tiny bit bulky
* Only comes in white, which could show stains
* bigger in crotch for newborn setting
* Snap tore for one person pretty quickly
* Sometimes you only get one use out of the cover because baby poops right away

“The most absorbent diaper we have EVER used. The organic sherpa inserts are so soft! With 2 inserts for overnight and never get any leaks!”

"With two inserts, this is an amazingly absorbent diaper for overnights with heavy wetting stomach sleepers!"

"Add a liner for long periods between changes"

"Holy cow... where do I start? It's very trim, they wash so well, they dry SUPER FAST, they're easy to use, they're soft on my little guy's little bum, he never gets diaper rash when wearing these dipes consistently... the list could go on and on..."

"Diaper is extremely trim and user friendly. Fits both my chubby ten month old and my very skinny 2 year old."

“I love that it is so trim yet very absorbent. The quality is far better than most diapers I've tried. I love that the lining on the inserts is made of organic cotton."

"I like the velcro. It works well and is daddy friendly. I like the trimness of the inserts. The large waistband works well for keeping in messes."

"Organic, easy to change snap in insert, soft on baby skin."

"Follow the directions that RagaBabe sends with your shipment and you will LOVE these dipes!"

"For long car trips and naps I use a doubler in the middle of the diaper. The ragababe doubler is small so it doesn't change the trimness of the diaper."

"I love these diapers. If I were just starting with cloth, I buy these almost exclusively."

"Team Ragababe has great customer service. IF you have issues they are more than willing to trouble shoot with you."

"I experienced leaking through the legs at first. After discussing with Joy (the super helpful owner), I found out I had it on the wrong size setting. If you have a leak, try a different setting and make sure you pull the diaper up toward the belly button. This is a 100% leak-proof diaper if used correctly."

"We like that it's made in the US and it's well made too. I loved picking the snap colors!"

Comments on Survey Results From Ragababe

I truly believe that many of us miss improving the functionality of the diaper just by avoiding the easy step of ASKING the creators how to solve a particular problem. Therefore, I sent these survey results on to Ragababe’s owner, Joy, and asked her if she had any additional comments that could help out Ragababe users:

Be sure to pull the front of the diaper up to the belly button and fasten snuggly.  If you see any gapping around the legs, use the next smallest snap for a more snug fit.  For a heavy wetter, put 2 inserts in at night (most likely baby will wear the cover 1 snap setting bigger for night than day).  The doubler that is included is great for naps, times when you know you'll need to go longer between changes and for night with average wetters (fold doubler and lay in wet zone...up front for boys, in middle for girls.

For newborns, be sure you are using the doubler for the first several weeks rather than the small insert (small will be wider/bulkier between the legs for a newbie) and add a 'liner' to the doubler for night if needed.

The snap on the inside for inserts to snap into is now double reinforced for extra strength.”

Thanks Joy! Those are great tips!

Customer Service
I give this company an A+ for customer service. I experienced a leak when using this diaper and immediately wrote on their facebook page. Within MINUTES I had a response from the owner, Joy, giving me instructions on how to make it work. One of the reoccurring comments given for this survey was that people would have fitting questions and when they ran them past Joy, she instantly knew of how they could solve those problems. I also found a tremendous amount of information on their website (www.ragababe.com). One of my favorite pages on their website is their washing instructions. I have now adopted that routine for my fussy HE Front Loader and have had great success.

When you buy this system, you get a Cotton Insert and a Doubler.
* Cover, Insert, and Doubler: $26.95-$29.95
* Extra Insert: $7.95 - $8.95
* Extra Doubler: $6.95
* Liner: $4.95  
They also offer a monthly special and they have several discount packages so you can knock a few bucks off the price.
Average cost per diaper change (assuming you use 3 inserts per cover):   $14.28 - $15.95

Other reviews/videos that I have found helpful:

Where to buy them?
Right now Ragababes are only available at ragababe.com (unless you snag some used ones at a cloth diapering swap forum such as diaperswappers...but they get snatched up within hours). I had success posting my need on their facebook page and people wrote me back.

Ragababe Diapers are made in the USA

Are you a Ragababe owner? Feel free to complete a survey if you haven’t already. Completion of surveys here at Padded Tush Stats give you extra entries in our giveaways.


* I was not compensated for reviewing this product. I purchased the diaper on my own. A custom wet bag was offered by Ragababe in conjunction with this review, but that was only AFTER I had written the review. Any of my own opinions in this post are honest.


  1. Awesome review!!! and I'm excited to see my comments made it in :). LOVE Joy and her Rags!

  2. Aw thank you so much! I was so grateful that so many people contributed!!! Thank you for your help.

  3. So cute baby and thanks for sharing this information.


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