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Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Size Diaper Project–6 to 6 1/2 Months–16 pounds 14 ounces

The One Size Diaper Project is where I take biweekly photos of my little guy in one size diapers. Hopefully this can help you see (and read about) how a baby grows into different one size diapers.
When I started the One Size Diaper project, I knew this day was coming…the day of CRAWLING. I knew diaper changes would be tough…and boy are they! But I figure that would make my reviews of this stuff all the more helpful, since I will know how diapers work on wiggly babies! Pretty soon the pictures for this project will just be blurred images of a fleeing baby!
So anyway, here is the little guy in diapers. He is now 16 pounds, 14 ounces. At the doctor’s office he was ranked “Average” size  on those lovely charts (remember when my little guy was plummeting in weight? I am SO happy to see him Average now!).
This is my current obsession. This is the Sprout Change diaper and I love it. I think the inserts are awesome and I like the fit across the tummy. This was a surprise to me, since I am not a huge fan of the side snapping diapers, but with how the snaps are on these, I love them.  I do wish they were easier to change sizing on so that I can have both kids wearing them (they are kind of like Fuzzibunz with the whole button elastic thing).
Best Bottom Diapers – still obsessed with these. I love that the Softbums inserts snap into them as well. This is my favorite diaper for the diaper bag because (1) I can put in a one size Softbums insert so it can fit both kids, (2) I can wipe the inside down much better (I normally don’t take AI2s in public because the covers aren’t as wipeable and therefore hold stink), (3) it is easy to adjust the size between kids, and (4) it takes up less space.
Softbums Omni – still, another obsession (I’m telling you guys, AI2s are the way to go when you have two kids because it takes up less space in the laundry…meaning you do less laundry!)
Dinkledooz One Size Pocket (he is in all pockets at night. Snaps for when I put him down, velcro diapers for the middle of the night because Zombie Mom will inevitably snap a chunky thigh..it hasn’t happened yet, but I don’t want to take any chances, I know my limits).
Sunbaby One Size Pocket
Bumgenius Elemental
Itti Bitti Tutto One Size Snap in One (I find this diaper to be kinda bulky, especially in the bum)
Wahmies One Size Pocket (this has worked well on the little guy, but unfortunately I can’t get it to fit on my older one)
Bottom Bumpers Side Snapping AIO – this is looking a little less bulky than before, don’t you think? I am enjoying it on my toddler who is potty training.

Bumgenius 4.0
Go Green One Size Pocket Diaper – this one is doing great on fit. I just find that the double gussets are GREAT for trapping poop, but tough to clean.
Tiny Tush One Size
Daughter insisted that “BABY” make a special appearance. Here she is working an XS Bumgenius AIO

Green Child Creations – this one I have had for a few months, but have never been able to get the pins through it! I finally had success with a soap bar, but it is still tough to get a good fit around the legs.

Wild Mountain Mommies One Size Pocket Diaper. Still having trouble getting the Zorb prepped (it’s been over 10 washes and still not absorbent enough! Bummer!)
Gro Via AIO. This is working pretty solidly, but again, I prefer this side snapping on my potty training little one.

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