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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bumgenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper Review

Before I jump into this review, I want to briefly discuss HOW reviews here are composed. I have two main beliefs when it comes to diaper reviews: (1) For every diaper, there is a baby out there that it works well for. Therefore, reviews at Padded Tush Stats emphasize what kinds of babies certain diapers work well for, and perhaps struggles some people may have with a diaper. Since I include both the praises of the diaper and the issues people had, you can expect a pretty honest review. (2) People (including myself) can give up on a diaper because of a certain issue without even troubleshooting with the makers of the diaper. I have found that the makers provide a lot of great tips. That is why all reviews are shown to the owner with the option for them to provide comments; however, I DO NOT change any answers, I simply give them a chance to add a comment.
Padded Tush Stats recently released surveys for the Bumgenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper. After numerous calls for survey respondents on social networking sites, blogs, and cloth diapering community forums, we received 23 responses.

In the survey, questions are broken down by the kinds of diapering issues faced by the babies. Before we look at the results of the survey, I wanted to provide some basic information on the diaper. You can also see this in the video found below.

The BumGenius 4.0 is a pocket diaper. This means that you can stuff it according to the absorbency that you need. The diaper has a 3X3 snap down rise that allows the diaper to fit babies in the 7-35+ pound range.  The diaper comes in both aplix (velcro) and snap closures. The diaper comes with two inserts: newborn and a one-size insert. You can adjust the one size insert with a snap. The diaper features laundry tabs (which are a little stronger than those in the 3.0)
Main Findings: Diaper owners who were most impressed with this diaper were those with rash prone babies. Although the diaper did not receive high ranking for absorbency and nighttime use, many put in a different insert to make it work. The diaper received excellent ratings in regards to being used by cloth diapering skeptics and daycare. The aplix closure makes it easy to put on and yet owners had the ability to adjust the absorbency by stuffing the pocket with different inserts.
Here is the video review (pardon the voice…I am getting over being sick – My voice will remind you of Monica from Friends saying “I’m FINDE”. But it beats my Flip video where I was breathing hard and went into labor just hours later!). I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you get new reviews as they come in. Awe heck, while I am at it, here is my shameless plug for you to “Like” Padded Tush Stats on Facebook, Tweet me on Twitter, and follow me on Google Friend. I am a number girl, as you know, so those follower numbers warm my heart (oh and your comments warm it up too so chat away!)
Bumgenius 4.0 One Size Pocket Diaper
BG 4.0 Stats 4.12.11
Pros of Diaper (asterisks *** indicate a higher frequency of these comments)
Easy to use***
Great Fit**
Good Quality
Snaps and Aplix*
Solids and Prints
Two sizes inserts
Easy to stuff
Easy to wash
Dries quickly
One Size
Large Enough to stuff in more things
Not made in China
Stay Dry
High Rise
Disposable-like Aplix for Daddy and Daycare**
1 year Warranty

Cons of Diaper
Aplix isn’t the best***
Color choices**
Flap over pocket is large and sticks out
Can be bulky when double or triple stuffed***
Only microfiber insert***
Red Marks
For chunky thighs and small waists, it is hard to get a good fit around the waist without squeezing thighs
PUL inside the pocket is sticky and therefore difficult to stuff
Caused rashes**
Crotch is too wide***
Company doesn’t like to sell to Canadians
Not good for side sleepers**
Elastic wore out quickly
Outer layer tends to snag easily
Microfiber holds stink

Comments from Survey Respondents
”This diaper can be night worthy if you stuff it correctly.  We use joey bunz size mediums during the day and add an extra doubler if he's had a lot to drink or for naps.  At night a superdo or flip organic work well”

“I stuff with a microfiber and a Fuzzibunz hemp liner at night and never have had leaks for 12 + hours!”

“Used Thirsties Duo hemp prefolds as inserts.”

“I like to stuff our diapers with natural material inserts for the most part like cotton infant prefolds etc. If using this diaper overnight I always unsnap to the full rise setting and stuff with a 3 layer bamboo insert, a bamboo or hemp booster and topped with a microfiber insert because it will absorb faster.”

“Works better with a hemp booster.”

“I find that using hemps inserts with this diaper make it trimmer and more absorbent. It works very well with a loopy-do for nighttime diapering.”

“I've found that prefolds fit better into BGs & provide better absorbency than the provided micofiber inserts”

“We had both regular and organic ones.  MUCH prefer the organics with the cotton lining (even though attached, so more of an AIO), as they absorbed better and sat better on our baby.  Much nicer finishing on the organics, and would definitely like to see more of this (cotton, even if not organic, though the organic is certainly nice). :)”

“I switched all my microfiber out for Joey Bunz hemp inserts and I found I get a much trimmer fit without losing absorbency”


Bumgenius Diapers are made in the United States and Egypt

Where to buy them
* I have found that Sew Crafty Baby has very reasonable prices. The shipping is free and there is almost always a discount code on the Facebook page. Shipping is fast and customer service has been amazing. This was where I bought most of my diapers even before I got this handy dandy affiliate link.
* There is a great thread at Diaper Swappers that tells you other places where you can get get free shipping.
* If you know of other vendors that sell these at a decent price and have good customer service, feel free to let us know in the comments section.
* What? Another affiliate link? Yup, on the right hand side you will see a Kelly's Closet affiliate link. They have free shipping with orders over $49 and they most often have a free diaper with $39 purchase. I did not purchase from this store prior to my affiliation.

Are you a Bumgenius 4.0 owner? Feel free to complete a survey if you haven’t already. Completion of surveys here at Padded Tush Stats give you extra entries in our giveaways.

* I was not compensated for reviewing this product

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