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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Stinkerpants Diapers

The ONLY way I am able to do this blog is through the support of my sponsors. Sifting through survey results takes quite a bit of time and I LOVE IT. The problem is....the dear hubby also sees the time I invest in this and therefore I need to have some kind of return on what I do. Although looking at diaper numbers is, to me, a little like a hobby (insert judgment of me HERE), Hubbs doesn't really get it. So anyway, I am grateful for my sponsors who make it clear to my husband that this isn't wasted time and that I get something back for the tremendous amount of time I spend crunching numbers. Anyway...without further to do...here is this month's Sponsor Spotlight.

I feature advertisers who I believe in. I believe in their product or their customer service. So I want to give a little shout out to my sponsor: Stinkerpants Diapers and I want to tell you why I like this company so much.
I first heard of Stinkerpants Diapers when I was on a crazy hunt for Softbums. I didn't really know what I wanted, but I knew I needed help. Someone on DiaperSwappers suggested I contact the owner of Stinkerpants because she was able to create a whole customized package to meet the needs of that individual. Several other people agreed with that.

So I contacted her.

This may sound silly, but I was impressed with CaraLin immediately because she had such kindness in her emails. Statements such as "HUGS" dotted all correspondence between the two of us. She was able to advise me on a Softbums package that she felt would best meet my needs.

In addition to that, you will almost ALWAYS find her responding to any Softbums post you may put on Diaperswappers.com. Try it...right now. I double dog dare you. I dare you to post something on Softbums and within a few days I BET she will respond.

She is passionate about Softbums diapers. She loves them so much that she had asked the owner of Softbums to sell them. And, for the moment, that is the diaper she sells.

Anyway, thank you CaraLin. Thank you for your warmth. Thank you for your ability to troubleshoot. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for sponsoring this website. You rock!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor as well, please let me know. Right now I am offering starving student rates for the month of May. If I don't know much about your company, I will do a little background research first. But, chances are, I probably already admire you from afar (I am a diaper forum/blog/webpage lurker). I intend to post news/deals your company has on my facebook page and would include a spotlight on here as well. If you know of someone who may want to sponsor, pass it on.

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