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Friday, April 22, 2011

GroVia One Size AIO Review

Before I jump into this review, I want to briefly discuss HOW it is composed. I have two main beliefs when it comes to diaper reviews: (1) I do not want to bash on a diaper. I simply aim to show who it works best for and possible concerns some people have.(2) People (including myself) can give up on a diaper because of a certain issue without even troubleshooting with the makers of the diaper. I have found that the makers provide a lot of great tips. That is why all reviews are shown to the owner with the option to provide comments; however, I DO NOT change any answers, I simply give them a chance to add a comment.
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Padded Tush Stats recently released surveys for the GroVia One Size All in One Diaper.  After numerous calls for survey respondents on social networking sites, blogs, and cloth diapering community forums, we received 143 responses and here are the results.

Before we look at the results of the survey, I wanted to provide some basic information on the diaper. You can also see this in the video found below. The GroVia One Size AIO is an all in one diaper. This means it is a diaper with a soaker that is sewn in. In the case of this diaper, there is an option for a snap in booster that rests underneath that sewn in soaker. The soaker is made of organic cotton, which survey respondents were very happy with. The exterior is made of waterproof TPU (this has a little bit softer and stretchier feel than PUL). Tabs are a stretchy fabric to make for a good fit. It is a side snapping diaper with a variety of adjustment options. It has a 2X3 snap rise setting so it could fit babies 10-35+ pounds.
So let’s look at what stats this diaper brought in. In the survey, questions are broken down by the kinds of diapering issues faced by the babies.
Main Findings: Respondents were nearly unanimous in the fact that this is a very trim-fitting diaper. Those with skinny babies seemed most impressed with this diaper. It does not seem to work well as an overnight diaper and many expressed concern over the fact that the diaper runs on the small size. Many were happy with the short drying time of this diaper,  as well as the fact that the diaper makes it to where natural fibers are up against the babies’ skin.
Video Review
GroVia Stats 4.21.11
*I feel obligated to include a few disclaimers here. First of all, I did an initial analysis of the results when I had 24 responses. The diaper received an average of about three stars overall. When I sent the review to GroVia, they gave the diaper a push on their Facebook page and as a results, over 100 more responses came in and a few of the categories increased significantly (however, I did notice that this did not have an impact on the main findings, except perhaps the diaper is closer to four stars).  I also found that several respondents (about 10?) completed the survey out thinking it was the AI2. This was after hours of analysis, so I did not go back and delete those posts; however, I found that if I would have omitted them, it would not have had an impact on the statistics.
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Pros of Diaper (asterisks *** indicate a higher frequency of these comments)
stretchy materials at waist
easy to put on wiggly baby
great to use for EC
company is great if you have problems
side snaps
quick drying*
double row of snaps make for good fit
great prints**
does not leave red marks
easy to put use*
one size
quality snaps
easy to wash
leg elastics good fit
good fit
organic cotton soaker*
hubby/daycare proof

Cons of Diaper
doesn’t work well for boys
soaker tends to curl
flaps of soaker trap poo, makes it tough to spray off
takes a long time to dry
side snaps***
leaves red marks
outside got holes (but company did replace it)
elastic wore
liners shift in diaper
tough to put on wiggly baby*
not stay dry
lack of a variety of prints*
short rise
inner fabric wears very quickly
snap in soaker fell into toilet while spraying poop
sizing is on smaller side***
wouldn’t stand up to overnight use
elastic wore out quickly
not very good with runny poop
tough to get out stains*
not absorbent enough for night
leaked almost every time
wing droop

Comments from Survey Respondents
*I would buy more if they didn't side snap.  Or if aplix was also offered.
*I am really happy with this diaper, mostly because it is super absorbent for how incredibly trim it is--it really has the same profile as a disposable under clothing. I add a GroVia organic cotton booster for nighttime, and haven't had any leaks.
*I do usually use a piece of fleece for the stay dry feel. I would not use this diaper for nights because while it is super absorbent I would need to add a few boosters for nights and it is so trim I don't think it could hold them without gaping.
*For night time I used an extra GroVia doubler (usually sold with the hybrid package) & that did the trick
*A stay dry booster is awesome for naps and help make the diaper more absorbent without being bulky.
*I have to layer hemp or another cotton/obv insert to keep it from leaking for over night use.
*This is Daddy's favorite diaper in our house
*Would love a little more absorbency, maybe the snap-in booster to be more "heavy duty" so you wouldn't need and extra booster on top
*Because the tabs are stretchy you can adjust the snaps differently on the top row (waist) and the bottom row (thighs) to fit a big belly and skinny things, or slim belly and chunky thighs :)
*Add a GroVia soaker or two for nighttime use for super heavy wetters.
*I've used just the shell as a swim diaper with great success.
*Make sure tabs are under the insert...I've had leaking when they were on the inside.
*When you're using the smallest snap setting for the waist, make sure the flaps go behind the soaker (make sure the flaps aren't touching baby's skin, only the soaker.)
*I don't use these for night time because snaps are too difficult for nights.  We have a velcro cover for that.
*I have folder over the snap-in insert in the front (so it's triple-layered) this seems to really help absorbency issues with my heavy-wetting little boy. I also don't need to add any additional inserts to bulk it up - just use what it already has.
*I love grovia diapers. They made me adjust quickly from disposables to cloth. Easy for daddy too.
*Adding a stay-dry booster folded in half to the front of this diaper (boy) makes it last for a LONG nights sleep.
*I like a fleece layer on top to keep baby's skin feeling dryer.

photo 1IMG_0772Grovia1photo 2IMG_0803_2photo 2photo 3photo 4photophoto (1)

Made in China

Where to buy them
* You can find a list of retailers here
* I personally bought mine from Amazon using Swagbucks (so I got it for free!).
* There is a great thread at Diaper Swappers about places where you can get get free shipping.
* I also like Sew Crafty Baby. Shipping is free and there is almost always some kind of discount on the Facebook page. The link here is an affiliate link so if you purchase using that link I thank you in advance!

Are you a GroVia owner? Feel free to complete a survey if you haven’t already. Completion of surveys here at Padded Tush Stats give you extra entries in our giveaways.

* I was not compensated for reviewing this product


  1. Great review. I currently own 2 (vanilla and ice) and couldn't be happier with them!

  2. Great review - always wondered about this diaper - haven't tried it yet.


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