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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If you give a mouse a wet bag

If you give a mouse a wet bag,

she’s going to ask for one to hang on the door in the bathroom.
When you give her one to hang on the bathroom door, she will then ask for one that goes in a diaper pail so she doesn’t have to worry about opening a zipper after spraying a diaper.
When you give her a pail liner, she might move the hanging wet bag into the main nursery.
But if she does that, chances are she will fall in love with that hanging wet bag, and will notice the wet bag company she likes makes a new hanging bag that has a zipper in the front. So she’ll probably ask for another wet bag to go in the bedroom the newborn sleeps in.
When she gets that, she realizes while while attending a PUBLIC gathering, that the wet bag for her diaper bag that she bought from a different company isn’t really holding in stink (it’s as if she can see the black smoke monster from LOST creeping up out of the bag, RAAAAAAAR!!!). So now she is begging husband for a new wet bag for the diaper bag.
And chances are, if she asks for a diaper bag, she is going to want yet another wet bag…

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  1. LOVE it! Thanks!! I used to teach elementary school. Definitely some of the best books were the "If you Give..." ones.


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