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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Need Input - Testing Absorbency

Given that Padded Tush Stats is kind of a scientific based website on cloth diapering, I think it's only appropriate that we undergo a series of tests that look at the absorbency of different diapers and inserts.
Graduated Beaker Set 50 100 250 600 and 1000ml glass
Do you have any suggestions on how to do this? I have a few thoughts:

1) Weigh a dry diaper, dunk it in water and let it hang until it stops dripping, then weight it again. Calculate the difference in weight, see how that equates to fluid ounces. My main concern is this would probably work great on inserts, but what about on diapers like AIOs?
2) Pour water directly on an opened diaper in small increments, fold the diaper and see if water comes out.

Do any of you have some suggestions? Once we figure this out, I am going science nerd on all of you with videos, tables, and more!

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