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Monday, February 28, 2011

Newborn Diaper Rankings

I tried to get a wide variety of diapers for my newborn. But in the process, I have developed some pretty strong opinions on what works/doesn’t work (and I am still formulating opinions as my baby grows and as I get more newborn diapers). Here is my list of rankings so far from most favorite to least favorite. My baby is in the 7 pound range unless otherwise noted (he was born 7 pounds 4 ounces and has been that weight – more or less – ever since). I know different diapers work for different babies, so this is just my take. If you have a tip on how to get a diaper to work better for me...I am all ears ;)

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Sposoeasy with Snaps
I am a snap hater, for the most part, but the Sposoeasy with snaps is way more trim than the Aplix, plus for some reason it dries better?This diaper has only had one leak, plus it is easy to put on.
2011-02-24 11.07.522011-02-24 11.08.012011-02-24 11.52.242011-02-24 11.52.272011-02-24 11.52.34
Little Boppers AI2
I LOVE this diaper. It is a little bulky and my mom said it was hard to put on, but it has NEVER had a leak. It is so soft too! I would probably say this is tied for first but because I am the online one who uses it...it gets TIED. But I really don't get why it was hard for my mom to put on???

11 day old baby - 7 pounds 
Ragababe 2 –Step
Love these. It did have some leaks at first, which is why it isn’t #1. BUT once I got the settings (I found out that the smallest setting, which you see in this first picture, is actually for a premie. He should be set on the middle setting), the diaper has been great. It isn’t always an AI2…most of the time he gets poop on the cover.


Sposoeasy with Velcro
Again, leak free. it just isn’t as trim as the one with snaps
2011-02-24 11.50.242011-02-24 11.50.39

Kissaluvs Size 0
This fitted diaper is raved about by many who cloth diaper newborns. I got mine used, but it was pretty crunchy. But nevertheless, it has held in messes well!

Bummis Original Cover
This is so much more trim than the others. If you plan on having a small baby, this is the way to go.

XS Thirsties Cover
It is still a little bulky for my preference, but it is leak free.

GroVia NB
These certainly would win on cuteness (our pediatrician said she had print envy when she saw this!), but it takes FOREVER to dry (I had it in the dryer for 85 minutes and it was STILL wet).

2011-02-28 11.50.522011-02-28 11.50.55
Ragababe Easy AIO
I really like the fit of this diaper, but have had quite a few leaks. I have heard that the 2-step works well at first and then the AIO works.

Ragababe Easy All in One Diaper - 15 day old baby - 7 pounds, 4 ounces

Rumparooz Lil Joeys
Unfortunately these are my one of my least favorites. No matter how I snap them, he ALWAYS leaks. I have tried every which way, but no luck. This surprised me, since my guy is pretty small with small legs…and yet this diaper seems to small on him.

Softbums Echo
Oh I am SO bummed about this because it is a one size diaper and I REALLY wanted it to work. But regardless of whether I put in the mini stay dry or the mini bamboo, it still leaked. Plus it is actually bulky on him.
2011-02-24 11.06.45
Fuzzibunz Perfect Size XS
I was so bummed that this diaper was too big. Maybe I will like it eventually, but for my 7 pound baby it is VERY big.


  1. We have that same Carter's sleeper! Just a note...I had leaks from my Ragababe AIO's until I figured out I was not putting it on tight enough. Since lil guy held his legs up, I adjusted the fit for that, but when he extended his legs, there was a huge gap at the waist. Once I tightened up, problem solved!!

  2. I LOVE that Carter's sleeper. I want more of them! I had them really tight, but it left red marks and he had pinched skin there...so I was worried it was too tight???


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