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Friday, June 24, 2011

One Size Diaper Project–Week 18–13 pounds 4 ounces

Hi all! I hope you are doing well. This week is the most recent One Size Diaper Project post. I am starting to realize that I can only do about half a stash each batch because this man is flying through diapers!!!! Tough thing is all of my One Size Diapers are my go-to out and about diapers.

Want to know why?

This is my hidden secret about cloth diapering two. These are THE BEST diapers for out and about. I have all diapers snapped down to little guy’s setting so that when I have to put it on the older kid I just unsnap and that’s it! My favorite diaper for this little tip: The Bumgenius Elemental because you don’t have to readjust a pocket diaper or anything.

Three questions this time around…take your pick on what you want to respond to!

For those of you who cloth diaper two, what do you pack in diaper bags?

And, the usual question, which diaper fits the best this week? You guys normally pick a GroVia or Softbums. Thoughts this week? We’ll see GroVia and Softbums next One Size Post, I promise.

Is it gross to reuse a cover on your other baby?

If you are a blogger, you can link your post in the comments here to point us to your pictures of your kid in a bunch of One Size Diapers. You don’t need to commit to doing this every week. This project is just to give people a sense of how babies grow into One Size Diapers.

This week I am doing little mini-comments on these. Please don’t consider this a review, since I always send my issues to the diaper makers before releasing an official review. I will be asking these questions to them as well, I just wanted to see if any of you had any issues like the ones I have had.


Wahmies (I am loving the softness of the inside of this diaper. Plus it is cute)008009

Oh Katy. Just did a review of this. This week I encountered a new problem. Since little guy is no longer using the newborn insert and is using the One Size insert snapped down on the smallest setting, it is bunched enough to keep unsnapping the snap down rise. Anyone else have this trouble?010012

Best Bottoms AI2: I like this diaper A LOT. Problem is I have one insert for little one and one insert for the other one. Question: think it’s gross to use an AI2 for two different kids even if I wipe it down between uses? I haven’t done that yet, not sure that sounds to hygienic.


Bumgenius Flip. I like how compact the insert folds into the diaper. I also like that I can use prefolds in this as well. I think this would be my dream diaper if they made it to where you could snap in the insert to it is more likely to stay in place.


Go Green Pocket Diaper. I really like the fit of this one. But it isn’t the cutest of my stash (say the in laws)


Bumgenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper. I think this one looks a little bulky. Thoughts?


Rocky Mountain One Size Pocket Diaper. This keeps leaking, no matter how I set it. Thoughts on what to do?022023

Oh my gosh I LOVE how this diaper looks and feels. This and the Wahmies are the ones I take out and about the most just because I like people to see how Cloth Diapers rock. I do wish the inside looked a little less confusing (there are about three inserts that snap into each other)


Greenline Diaper. This, the GroVia AIO, and the Softbums are the diapers in my stash that truly size down well. I just have some trouble putting this one on. Any tips?


Sunbaby Pocket Diaper. Pretty good diaper. My main concern is that I always get the insert stuck on a part of the fabric (the part the snaps are snapped on) when stuffing. Anyone have this trouble?


  1. Oh Katy & Go Green are the trimmest & best fit.

    As for my blog post for my OS project, here is the link to mine: Butteflygirlms One Size Diaper Project for 16 weeks.

  2. I've been having the same issues with Oh Katy's rise snaps coming undone when on the small rise with the larger insert. It's very frustrating. Their snaps aren't the same quality as other diapers like bumGenius or AppleCheeks.

  3. Heather, oh my gosh Keoni is growing so fast! Love those legs!

    Tami, it's good to know I am not the only one. Hopefully that means Oh Katy knows of a solution. I will update the Oh Katy review once I find out.

  4. Tami, I just heard back from Oh Katy and they sad for you to contact them and they will solve the issue. They just solved mine for me!


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