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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

AppleCheeks 2-Size Pocket and AI2 Diaper Review

Before I jump into this review, I want to briefly discuss HOW reviews here are composed. I have two main beliefs when it comes to diaper reviews: (1) For every diaper, there is a baby out there that it works well for. Therefore, reviews at Padded Tush Stats emphasize what kinds of babies certain diapers work well for, and perhaps struggles some people may have with a diaper. Since I include both the praises of the diaper and the issues people had, you can expect a pretty honest review. (2) People (including myself) can give up on a diaper because of a certain issue without even troubleshooting with the makers of the diaper. I have found that the makers provide a lot of great tips. That is why all reviews are shown to the owner with the option for them to provide comments; however, I DO NOT change any answers, I simply give them a chance to add a comment.
Padded Tush Stats recently released surveys for the AppleCheeks Pocket (and AI2) cloth diapering system. After numerous calls for survey respondents on social networking sites, blogs, and cloth diapering community forums, we received 93 responses.
In the survey, questions are broken down by the kinds of diapering issues faced by the babies. Before we look at the results of the survey, I wanted to provide some basic information on the diaper. You can also see this in the video found below.
* The diaper comes an insert that is a 12”X15” flat (the flat was the same size for both sizes of the diapers I have).
* There are 2-layer and 3-layer bamboo inserts available
* This flat is made of 70% rayon bamboo and 30% organic cotton fleese.
* You fold this into thirds and you can stuff it into the diaper or lay it on top
* The cover (referred to by AppleCheeks as an “envelope cover” is made of PUL, which is waterproof.
• The inside of the cover is made of microfleese
* There are two rows of snaps
* The diaper comes in two sizes (Size 1 fits approximately 7-20 pounds and size 2 fits approximately 20-40 pounds)
* The pocket opening is in the middle of the diaper (a little tip here, I like the stay dry feel up front, so I stuffed only half of the pocket so it self-agitated in the wash…see the video for a tutorial on this)
 Main Findings
One feature of this diaper that has impressed MANY is the fact that the insert agitates itself out in the washer. That means no having to pull out soiled inserts. The diaper performed strongest for babies with Skinny Thighs and Chunky babies. It also received high ratings for fit and whether or not people would recommend it. Many were concerned with the higher price of the diaper, as well as its ability to function as a night diaper (for tips on using this as a night diaper, see comments section below).
(Click images below to enlarge)
Overall ScoresAbsorbentAgesDaycare NightFit and priceNightTrim skepticsWeights
- Two size system
- Easier to stuff
- Insert agitates out
- Hip and waist snaps
- Stay dry
- Elastic on the front
- cute
- soft
- easy to use
- great color selection
- versatility
- Trim fit in thighs
- can have the option of stay dry or natural fibers against the skin
- range of settings
- high quality
- inserts work in both sizes
- Can use as an AI2
- expensive
- not sold at a lot of places
- not a lot of color options
- couldn’t always get a good fit
-- insert too thin
- belly elastic made for funny fit
- folding the insert
- didn’t fit toddler
- leaves red marks
- rise too low
- bulky
Comments and tips from survey respondents
“For a better fit, adjust the leg snaps first.”
“Sometimes I use a layer of 3 boosters rather than the inserts since they are thinner between her legs and less bulky than the regular inserts. Otherwise, I find folding the regular inserts 4 times rather than 3 helps the thinness between her legs. (adds more bulk though.)”
“ I folded over the liner to create extra padding in the front of the diaper where my son pees the most and it allowed him to go 9 hours in it with two feedings and stay dry.“
“Can be used as a cover for prefolds and flats and the fit is still great.”
“The boy-fold really makes a difference.”
“We use them as Covers and just change the inserts (of which I have about 10 Applecheeks for our 2 Covers because we LOVE them).”
“It has a wonderful, customizable fit. No leaks or pooy blow-outs, the inserts are so absorbent. They fit under all pants, even tight jeans.”
“You can re-use the covers and switch up the insert so you are saving on laundry and energy.”
“The elastic in the front is my favorite. When my baby was learning to sit up this was the only one he could sit up in.”
“It also works great with the cotton prefolds I had left from when she was teeny so I didn't need too many new inserts.”
“This diaper was only a nighttime diaper for us when we used the AppleCheeks 3 pli inserts.”
“I have found that putting the insert inside (like a pocket) makes it less absorbent.”
“Buying the extending tabs was helpful to help the diaper fit longer.”
“I just lay the inserts on top of the cover and swap them out to get more uses out of the cover. Works well. Their boy-fold for the inserts works GREAT.”
“Make sure you stretch out the elastic before snapping in order to get a good fit.”
“For my very heavy wetter I used to have to use 3 inserts in order to stay dry all night. It worked though! I didn't need to get a nighttime specific diaper. The boy-fold was also very helpful.”
“I find I need a little extra absorbency at night.  I'd use a 3 ply insert or a booster.”
$19.80 (cover only)
$28.71 (with insert)
AppleCheeks diapers are made in Canada

Where to buy them
* For a full list of retailers, click here
* There is a great thread at Diaper Swappers that tells you other places where you can get get free shipping.

* If you know of other vendors that sell these at a decent price and have good customer service, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

Are you an AppleCheeks owner? Feel free to complete a survey if you haven’t already. Completion of surveys here at Padded Tush Stats give you extra entries in our giveaways.

* I was not compensated for reviewing this product, but I did receive a
an AppleCheeks Diaper from the company to review


  1. Applecheeks are amazingly cute diapers!

  2. adorable! thanks! i would love to own one!


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