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Friday, July 29, 2011

Tiny Tush Elite One Size Pocket Diapers–Statistical Review

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Padded Tush Stats recently released surveys for the Tiny Tush Elite One Size One Size Pocket Diaper. After numerous calls for survey respondents on social networking sites, blogs, and cloth diapering community forums, we received 21 responses.

In the survey, questions are broken down by the kinds of diapering issues faced by the babies. Before we look at the results of the survey, I wanted to provide some basic information on the diaper. You can also see this in the video found below.

Video Review

* The diaper is a pocket diaper, this means you can stuff the inside of the diaper with an insert. This allows you to change the absorbency of the diaper (by adding more inserts).

* the inside of the diaper is topped with a microfleese lining which draws the moisture away from the baby, giving it a stay dry feel.

* The outside of the diaper is made of a waterproof PUL fabric.

* The pocket opening of the diaper is in the back and has what is called a “reverse pocket opening” that is supposed to prevent poop from getting caught under the flap.

* The diaper is available with both snaps and Aplix (Velcro)

* The diaper has laundry tabs so that the velcro doesn’t stick to other stuff in the wash

* The diaper has a 4X3 snap down rise

* This is designed to fit babies in the 7-35 pound range.

* The diaper has two snaps on each size to close it.

* The diaper has 3 possible inserts:

- The small microfiber insert is  approximately 12" long and 4 3/4" wide.
- The large microfiber insert is approximately 16" long and 4 3/4" wide

- Rectangular shaped 2-ply insert  is100% cotton and 10" wide x 16.5" long.

Main Findings

The diaper performed best with chunky babies, although the performance seemed to be very similar for all baby types. It also received high ratings for being daycare worthy and for being a diaper that would be recommended to a friend. The diaper did not receive as high of rankings for trimness, especially for skinny babies and babies with skinny thighs. Several survey respondents said that the insert was a little too narrow, so they used other inserts instead.



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ProsConsDaycareFitNap nightPriceRecommendSkepticsTrimweights

Comments from Survey Respondents

“Love the diaper, not crazy about the original insert. They are very narrow. I use other inserts and love these for my tall 3 year old.”

“I substitute a hemp insert for one of its MF inserts for overnight. They are larger than BGs and cheaper, and softer inside.  USA made rules!”

“I used a hemp and a microfiber insert for nighttimes.”

“We use this diaper for overnight on our three year old.  We use both the large and small inserts stacked together.”

“I think the microfiber insert needs to be a little bigger or maybe add another layer.  My BumGenius inserts are bigger and hold a little more than this one, so I usually stuff my Tiny Tush's with a one size Bum Genius insert.  I love the fit and comfort of the Tiny Tush's on my 19 lb. 27 in. 5 month old!”

“These diapers were bought for me as a gift when my first baby was born. She has been using them since she was 8 weeks old; she is now 23 months. We also have a 4 month old who is using the same diapers and has been since she was 6 weeks old.  I have used the same diapers for both children and they are in fantastic condition. After 2+ combined years of daily use, only the inserts show signs of wear.  The inserts can be purchased separately and are very inexpensive to replace.  I have recommended these diapers to everyone who will listen.  They are the most durable every day baby item we own. Definitely worth the investment, and worth making the switch from disposables.”  




Comments from the Company

“We would love your fans to know that we truly value connecting with them and were so excited to read to the great feedback they provided about the Elite diaper, it was awesome to see so much positive info! But should anyone have a concern with the diapers, we welcome them to contact us at charlene@tinytush.com.”

Tiny Tush Elite Diapers are made in the USA

Where to buy them
* For a full list of retailers, click here

* There is a great thread at Diaper Swappers that tells you other places where you can get get free shipping.

* If you know of other vendors that sell these at a decent price and have good customer service, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

* I have affiliate links here at Sew Crafty Baby, as well as at Kelly’s Closet. At Sew Crafty Baby you can usually find a good deal on the Facebook page and the shipping is always free. Kelly’s Closet has a lot of great deals and often times you can get a free diaper for a purchase over $49. If you use either of the links provided here to buy the diaper, I want to thank you in advance!

Are you a Tiny Tush Elite owner? Feel free to complete a survey if you haven’t already. Completion of surveys here at Padded Tush Stats give you extra entries in our giveaways.

* I was not compensated for reviewing this product, but I did receive a
an Tiny Tush Elite Diaper from the company to review.

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