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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One Size Diaper Project–Week 20–14 pounds

I hope everyone is doing great! For this One Size Diaper Project post, I have laundering on the mind. Right now, with cloth diapering two, I am doing cloth diaper laundry every other day (and two loads at that). The little man is so sensitive to pee—he has one tiny sneeze-pee (if you remember your days of late-trimester pregnancy, had twins, OR had kids back-to-back then you’ll know what a sneeze-pee is) and immediately needs a diaper change. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about changing a diaper when I know its been peed in, but I am changing at least twenty diapers on him a day. So with that in mind, I am becoming more aware of diapers that are more bulky in the laundry and less bulky in the laundry.

Therefore, I find that lately I am grabbing my Softbums because they take up less room (Ragababe seriously needs to make a One Size diaper, because I love how little space their inserts take up in my wash!).

So, here are my questions for the week. Answer one, two, all, whatever. I love to read your comments to please take a sec (seriously, it makes my day)

1) What one size diapers do you think take up less bulk in the washer?

2) One I am having with diapers with the snap down rise is once I push the insert in, it is difficult to get the insert to stop in the right place, therefore it keeps going and makes it to where the inside of the diaper pokes out of the top of the diaper. Does this make sense? Do any of you have this issue?

And the usual questions…

3) What looks trim on the kiddo this week? I think Babykicks, GroVia, and Flip. I am really digging the Babykicks this week. It is SO absorbent.


Bottom Bumpers Side Snapping AIO


Babykicks Pocket Diaper


GroVia AIO


AMP Pocket Diaper


Itti Bitti Tutto


Softbums Echo


Rocky Mountain Diaper


Wahmies Pocket Diaper


Bugga Bugga Boutique AIO


Daughter was jealous little bro got all the diaper photog attention and wanted a picture too. I figured you would like to see how it fits on a toddler too. She is 23 months and 23 pounds.


Tiny Tush


Flip with Stay Dry Insert


Bumgenius 4.0



  1. The smallest OS we have is Fuzzibunz. They barely take up space and fit so trim!
    I always stuff my diapers just shy of where I want the insert to end up and then they don't stick out. Hope that makes sense.
    I love seeing how all the diapers fit. We currently only have BG 4.0s, FuzziBunz OS, Rumparooz OS, and GroVia AIOs so it is neat to see what others look like on babies. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words! I always wonder if this is helpful to people. Thanks! (and thanks for the stuffing tip)

  3. I believe the less bulkiest diaper in the wash is the Best Bottoms.

    Softbum Echo is the trimmest IMO!

    Here is the link to Keoni One Size Diaper Project 20 weeks (5 months)


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