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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Padded Tush Stats Announces: Golden Diaper Awards!

I am so excited to announce a new feature coming to Padded Tush Stats:
The Golden Diaper Awards
Diapers that receive overall scores of 95% or higher will receive a badge that they can put on their site indicating that they were ranked as a “Golden Diaper” at Padded Tush Stats.
I am oohing and aahing over the amazing buttons that Heather at Butterfly Girl Rambles On made for this. Check it out…
Here is the badge awarded to a diaper that gets an overall score of 95% or more:
Padded Tush Stats GD
Here is the badge awarded to diapers that receive 95% or higher ratings in different categories:
Padded Tush Stats GD ChunkyPadded Tush Stats GD HeavyWetterPadded Tush Stats GD Rash PronePadded Tush Stats GD Skinny
Thanks again to Heather for these amazing badges. I am SO excited to see who gets these. Right now, behind the scenes, I am working on a Master Table that has a list of all the diapers with their overall scores so you can compare at a glance. There are under 10 right now, so I don’t feel comfortable posting it just yet, but know that I am working diligently to get that posted and we will then see who is getting the Golden Diaper Awards.
So how can you help?
Contact your favorite diaper company and let them know about this. Get the word out.  A lot of reviews are kind of stuck right now and we need people to fill out surveys. When diaper makers post on their walls and sites, where their requests are in the main newsfeed of their fans, the responses sky rocket. So if you can spread the word, please do. I am trying on my end as well, of course!
This is so exciting. Thanks everyone for your support of Padded Tush Stats so that we can get this started.

* FTC Compliance: Butterfly Girl Rambles on and I finally ended up doing a trade--buttons for sponsor slot. But to be fair, this was after I had seen all of her amazing work and she had done so much for me that she deserved it and the only way I could sleep well at night was by repaying her somehow.

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