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Friday, July 29, 2011

The delights of having two under the age of two

Think having two under two is so bad? OK, fine, I don't sleep anymore...BUT there are some pluses that make it all worth it:
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1. When you play peekaboo, you delight TWO faces at once

2. I get to turn a spoon into a jet to feed my littlest, then another spoon becomes a choo choo train for the oldest who is refusing to eat something on her plate

3. Because of the fussy, teething toddler, I had her in bed with me last night and while I was feeding the youngest, she was stroking his head and scratching my back for me.

4. Since one doesn’t talk yet and the other one is just starting to develop her vocabulary, they only talk to each other in giggles.

5. The oldest likes to eat pureed foods that the youngest couldn’t quite finish off (don’t worry, I set a little of the extra aside so there isn’t any "double dipping"!)

6. Hubbs and I look pretty chic each wearing our babies (me in an Ergo, he in a Cybex)….if I do say so myself! Winking smile

7. Both love sitting on the kitchen counter, buckled in their cute little chairs, as I pretend to be a TV Chef (website that is my current obsession: www.weelicious.com)

8. Both love to play “Bumble bee come out from under the barn with a jar of honey under his arm….” and never know which one will get the tickles

9. Both love nursery songs. Today’s favorite, “Five little ducks went out to play…”

10. Celebrating Orange Fridays via matching diapers!

Happy Orange Friday everyone!

For those of you with two under the age of two (or who had two under the age of two)….what makes it all worth it?

For those with just one under the age of two….I want to hear from you too! What are some things that make it all worth it?

1 comment:

  1. I only have 1 under 2 (6 months), but my 4 year old nephew lives with me currently. I love how my son watches his cousin and I love how my nephew still gets excited about anything to do with helping me even if it's only watching me change my son. They both always have ready smiles. And if it's sunny out my nephew is obsessed with going for a walk. I don't know if this is a plus or not but they both hate napping, so they always fall asleep unexpectedly. Too many things to put down at once.


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