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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dinkledooz One Size Pocket Diaper Review

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When I first got my Dinkledooz Pocket Diaper in the mail my reaction was, “Holy moly that is a lot of snaps!” Over time now, as I have been using the diaper on two growing little ones under the age of two, I have found the many sizing options to be very helpful in customizing a trim fit.

So in this personal review of the diaper (as opposed to my statistical reviews that are based on a bunch of survey responses) I am going to tell you how I would respond to a Padded Tush Stats survey if I were filling it out for my kid.

Video Review

Let’s first look at the basics on this diaper:
* This is a pocket diaper, which means you stuff an insert into it. This allowed me to adjust the absorbency on this a little bit by adding different inserts.

* The outside is made out of a waterproof PUL. The manufacturers indicate on their website that they tried to get the softest PUL that they could find for this diaper.

* The inside is lined with a microfleese fabric. This wicks moisture away from the babies’ bum—making it feel dry to him/her and to help prevent rashes

* The diaper comes with two microfiber inserts. Both are 5.25" wide, with the small being 11.5" long and the large being 15" long.

* The diaper has a wide pocket for stuffing (also, the microfiber inserts are some of the widest of my stash)

* The diaper has a “Flap-back” system. This is where you can put the insert in, and then a flap can tuck in over the insert…so you see no insert popping up out of the diaper (although, I should say, when I used this at night, I didn’t use that feature since I use my massive Superdo which inevitably pops up out of most diapers.

* The diaper is intended to fit the baby from 8-35 pounds using the 3X3 snap down rise.

* The diaper has a lot of give in the elastic (which proved especially helpful when I had to stuff the diaper with my bulky superdo insert and pull it up over my baby)

* The diaper has hip snaps to make a snug fit around the thighs (a plus for skinny babies).

* The diaper has crossover snaps so that you can fit the diaper on a very narrow waist.

About My Babies

  Baby #1 (Toddler) Baby #2
Is your Child a Heavy Wetter Yes Yes
Do you have a chunkier sized baby for his/her age No No
Do you have a skinny baby for his/her age Yes Yes
Does your baby have chunky thighs? No No
Does your baby have skinny thighs? No Yes
Is your baby prone to rashes Yes Yes
Please indicate the weights of your baby when using this diaper 16-20 pounds; 21-25 pounds 10pounds – 15 pounds
Please indicate the ages of your baby when using this diaper 18-24 months 2 months-5 months
Size used One Size One Size

Survey responses on how this diaper worked on my babies:

(On a scale of 1-5…1 being low score, 5 being high)
Baby #1 Baby #2
Absorbency 5 5
Fit 5 5
Worth the Price 5 5
Trim 4 3
Liked by Skeptics 2 2
Daycare-worthy 3 3
Naptime 5 (stuffed with Flip Organic) 5
Night-time 4 (stuffed with Knickernappies Superdo) 5
Would Recommend 5 5
What are the PROS of this diaper? The many snaps on this diaper do give you quite a few options. I liked the width of the insert because it worked well for stuffing the diaper with the larger inserts for my older heavy wetter. I also like that there is quite a bit of give with the elastic. And with these going for only $15.95, they are definitely worth the price, given your many fit options.  
What are the CONS of this diaper? The snaps can be a little overwhelming (especially for those not used to cloth diapering), especially since it takes 6 snaps to put the diaper on. I also found that it was kind of bulky on my younger child.  
Are there any other comments or tips you would like to add about this diaper? (for example, a particular stuffing method you found helpful, or anything else!) Embrace this diaper if you are looking use it for Heavy Wetters. I highly recommend it because you have plenty of width to stuff it with different inserts, and there is plenty of give in the diaper to allow you to stuff the begeebers out of it and then get it on the baby to where the rise is still high enough to prevent tummy wetting.  

  16 week old, almost 13 pounds


2 year old, about 23 pounds


Have you tried out this diaper?
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Where to buy them
* You can get this diaper from Go Go Natural.

Although I received this diaper for review from Go Go Natural, all opinions in this post are my own.

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