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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best Bottom Diapers Review

For information on how I attempt to ensure to produce reviews as honest and fair to diaper creators  as possible, please click here.

I have a lot of criteria on what I consider to be a perfect all in two diaper. When I was writing a review of another all in two diaper a few years ago, I thought, ‘Why isn’t there an AI2 out there that has a TRULY wipeable inside while still a snap in insert?’ The flip had a more wipeable inside (as opposed to the Softbums and the Gro-Via, which held some stink), but you couldn’t snap in the insert. So then I consulted my BFF, Google. Google told me about how a new diaper was coming out from Nicki’s Diapers called the Best Bottom Diapers and it had a wipeable inside. But dang it, it wasn’t out yet. I soon forgot about that and went on my merry (yet irritated with stinky AI2s) way, until I was researching diapers for Padded Tush Stats and found it again.  So of course I had to try them out.

So in this personal review of the diaper (as opposed to my statistical reviews that are based on a bunch of survey responses) I am going to tell you how I would respond to a Padded Tush Stats survey if I were filling it out for my kids.

Video Review

Let’s first look at the basics on this diaper:
* This is a one size diaper, which means it fits from roughly the newborn to 35 pound range.


Left: On largest setting. Right: on smallest setting

* There is a little double gusset going on around the legs to help keep “stuff” in


* The diaper comes in snap and hook and loop (velcro---why do I always have to clarify this? Why don’t I just say Velcro…it’s like Rachael Ray having to always say “EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil”….what was the point of saying EVOO if you still say Extra Virgin Olive oil? I guess it is to make 1 million dollars selling EVOO t-shirts. So I guess I better get a t-shirt that reads “Hook and Loop” or “Aplix” and make my million).

* The colors are inspired by (wait for it…..) ICE CREAM. Mine is my second favorite ice cream…mint chocolate chip. (Given that a diaper is something pooped in, I am terrified of a “Rocky Road” one)

* I love how this diaper has SIZED inserts. It allows for a great fit with no folding an insert or anything. The sizes are…Small: birth-14lbs, Medium: 11-22lbs, Large: 16-35lbs. I found these to be SUPER affordable. However, when I am out and about, I like to have a one size insert because I don’t know which of my babies will use the diaper, so SHHHH I have a secret for you…Softbums inserts fit the snap in this diaper! So for out and about, I like to use a Softbums Opod or Bamboo pod.


* There are three insert materials you can get with this diaper:

- The Stay Dry insert – this has 4 layers of microfiber and then a no-pill fleece on top that wicks moisture from your baby (so it feels dry)

- Hemp/Organic Cotton insert – 5 layers of hemp/certified organic cotton topped with hemp/certified organic cotton fleece.

- Overnight Insert – The overnight insert has 6 layers of microfiber

* There is also a doubler option. What I like about this is the doubler is actually underneath the main soaker, that way you can snap the soaker on top (whereas if it is the other way around, you would have a snap on the main insert and therefore touching the baby’s bum. Make sense? The doubler has two layers of microfiber.

* You can also purchase waist extenders, which is great if you have a larger sized baby (or larger-waisted baby).

* The outside is made of a polyester fabric and the inside is made of two layers of PUL (although the inside is a sticky feeling fabric. It kind of feels like the inside of my wetbags. It is kind of shiny like a garbage back and has a little stick to it).


* The front of the diaper has four rows of three snaps, so get a customized fit.


* The insert snaps into the diaper at both the front, and the bag (so no dangling insert)


About My Babies

  Baby #1 (Toddler) Baby #2 (you will see the / for when things CHANGED at 5 months)
Is your Child a Heavy Wetter Yes Yes/No
Do you have a chunkier sized baby for his/her age No No/Yes
Do you have a skinny baby for his/her age Yes Yes/No
Does your baby have chunky thighs? No No/Yes
Does your baby have skinny thighs? No Yes/No
Is your baby prone to rashes Yes Yes
Please indicate the weights of your baby when using this diaper 16-20 pounds; 21-25 pounds 10pounds – 15 pounds
Please indicate the ages of your baby when using this diaper 18-24 months 2 months-6 months
Size used One Size One Size

Survey responses on how this diaper worked on my babies:

(On a scale of 1-5…1 being low score, 5 being high)
Baby #1 Baby #2
Absorbency 4 4
Fit 4 4
Worth the Price 5 5
Trim 3 3
Liked by Skeptics 4 4
Daycare-worthy 4 4
Naptime 2 5
Night-time (using regular insert) 1 2
Would Recommend 4 4
What are the PROS of this diaper? I love that the inside of this is wipeable. I also like that the insert snaps down in two places, so I don’t have to worry about it shifting. I like that the inserts come in different sizes, so I don’t have a bulky fit on a smaller baby. I also like that the snap down rise makes it easy to adjust between babies when out and about.  
What are the CONS of this diaper? Sometimes the edges of the to front of the diaper can poke up when snapped (see video). It’s kind of a double edged sword with the inside of the diaper, I feel like the waterproof fabric is a little cheap, BUT I love that it is wipe down. I kind of wish the wings of the diaper had a different fabric so that sticky fabric isn’t up against their skin.  
Are there any other comments or tips you would like to add about this diaper? (for example, a particular stuffing method you found helpful, or anything else!) This is such a great diaper to have for diapering two at once. I think the inserts are affordable, but for out and about use, I would invest in some Softbums Opods.  


Have you tried out this diaper?
If so, then please fill out the survey for this over here. Aside from personal reviews that I do (such as this one), I also do reviews based on survey responses from people who have used the diapers on their babies. Therefore, by filling out surveys you help contribute to more comprehensive reviews that are sorted by baby characteristics (so thanks in advance!).

Cover: $16.97

Inserts: $3.95-$7.90

Where to buy them
* You can find a list of retailers here.

Although I received this diaper for review from Best Bottom Diapers, all opinions in this post are my own.


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