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Friday, August 26, 2011

Softbums Omni–Statistical Review

For more information on how I try to ensure both fairness to diaper manufacturers and fairness in my reviews, please click here.

Padded Tush Stats recently released surveys for the Softbums Omni All in Two Cloth Diapering System. After numerous calls for survey respondents on social networking sites, blogs, and cloth diapering community forums, we received 48 responses.

In the survey, questions are broken down by the kinds of diapering issues faced by the babies. Before we look at the results of the survey, I wanted to provide some basic information on the diaper. You can also see this in the video found below.

Video Review


* The diaper is an All-in-two diapering system,which means an insert will snap in and you can change it out so you get multiple uses for each cover


* It has what is called a “Slide2Size” system. It is an elastic toggle system in the gussets of the diaper that allows you to customize the fit around the legs. I was reaching into the diaper to adjust the elastic, or doing it from the inside of the diaper, but the owner of Softbums taught me how to size from the outside. Check out my video on how I do this! 


* This is a One Size diapering system, which means the diaper is intended to fit your baby from birth to potty training.

* The Omni system is a little different from the Echo system because it has a pocket that you can stuff. That way you can decide whether to use it as an AI2 or a pocket diaper.


* Another difference between the Omni and the Echo is the width. The Omni has a little bit more width to it.

* The diaper has a velcro closure system and laundry tabs so you can fold down the velcro and it won’t snag in the wash (see video)


* One thing that is pretty neat is Softbums has a whole book that you can look at for free that gives some great basics on cloth diapering. You can find it here.

* The diaper comes with five different pod options:


(photo: left to right—Superpod, OLD Stay Dry pod, Organic bamboo pod, Redesigned Dry Touch pod)


(photo: left—Dry Touch Mini Pod, right—Organic bamboo mini pod)

- Redesigned Dry Touch Pod: This is a rectangular-shaped pod and is made with 4 layers of microfiber and topped with microfleese. This is great because you don’t have to fold it down or anything.

- Superpod: This is for a more heavy wetter. The pod has 3 layers of microfiber and is then topped with a layer of microfleese. The pod is extra long in length so that you fold it in half as you customize the fit. This means that the number of layers will double.

- Organic Bamboo Pod: These are made with 70% Organic bamboo and 30% Organic cotton. They are very soft and very absorbent.

- Drytouch Mini Pod: These are made with 3 layers of microfiber terry and topped with microfleese. These are great as a doubler or for a newborn.

- Organic Bamboo Mini Pod: These are made with 3 layers of organic bamboo fleese. They absorb the same as the mini pod, but are more trim.

(If you buy used, you will find that there was a pod model prior to the Redesigned pod. It looks very similar to the Superpod, but it was slightly thinner)

The Echo is very similar to the Omni (except narrower and without a pocket), so you may want to check out that review here for additional tips and tricks.

Main Findings

This diaper received extremely high statistics for being recommended to a friend (a whopping 99%!).  The diaper performed well for naps (I would assume because of all of the insert options) and fit (I would assume because of the internal toggle system with the elastic). It performed well for babies with skinny thighs (possibly because of the adjustable elastic); however, statistics seemed very similar no matter what the babies’ characteristics were, with the exception of rash prone babies. The diaper performed lowest for rash-prone babies and also performed lowest in trimness and night time use.


Click images to enlarge

StatsagesConsFitnapnightpriceProsrecommendskeptics daycaretrimweights

Comments from Survey Respondents

When stuffing the pocket, make sure the microfier side of the insert is facing up so the urine doesn't have to pass through two layers of microfleece.

Love the slide2size drawsting sizing... love the fit & materials used

For overnight, I've found 2 inserts to work the best. I have used one insert on top as the AI2 and one in the pocket or one on top and 2 in the pocket. Both ways seem to work fine with no leaks.

This is probably my number 1 diaper. I love the flexibility of the Omni. I have a pretty heavy wetter (I guess?) so I reach for the super inserts first, and use a doubler with a regular insert.

I love the Omni because I can have a diaper pre-stuffed for a sitter/grandma and not worry about leaking due to the insert being used improperly. I also like to stick a doubler in the pocket, then snap in an insert. Don't know why, this seems to work for me though. :)  

We had to make sure the the leg elastic was tight enough to prevent leaks & the waist was tight enough as well.  Once the settings were correct leaks are rare.  When the diaper does leak it is only pee, and not poo due to the leg elastic holding it in.  We use the newborn inserts, and the baby does not notice when he is wet and needs to be changed since the moisture is wicked away from his skin.  We can't smell it either, so we just have to remember to check him every so often.

I use two flats pad folded together.  Works great and is the only one size cover that fits my baby.  

This diaper is amazing!  I have referred it to all of my friends!  I can't believe how easy it is and the Slide 2 Slide technology for the legs is awesome.  Unlike other diapers, you don't have to worry about snaps and leaks.  This diaper is the best diaper for people that are new to cloth diapering and want something that is not only reliable, but user friendly!

I find that the bamboo insert works well, and I don't think I've ever had a leak, but I often am not able to reuse the shell.  I exclusively breastfeed and often the runny EBF poo runs off the pod onto the shell. [Editorial note: The poop doesn’t leak out of the diaper, it just gets on the shell. This is pretty standard of a lot of AI2 diapers I have tried. I went through several covers of my AI2 when my little guy was younger]

Love, love, LOVE this diaper!  My son has always been a heavy wetter.  I couldn't find anything that worked for overnights.  I even went to using disposables for nighttime, and more than a few times he flooded those.  This diaper, when stuffed AND snapped the way I use it, can be quite bulky, but it works and that's what is most important to me.

I use a hemp mini insert in addition to the bamboo pod at night and get the right absorbency 

One Size Diaper Project

The Omni is one of the diapers featured in my One Size Diaper project. This is where I take pictures almost every other week of my little guy as he is growing into his one size diapers. This is a great way to see how a diaper works with the quickly shape changing abilities of a baby! Just go to the “Archives” section of my page to find the project.



Shell/cover for both omni and echo are $21.95 right now, and the omni is on sale for $18.95

Redesigned DryTouch Pod: $4.95

Superdry Touch Pod: $5.95

Organic Bamboo Pod: $9.25

Dry Touch Mini Pod: $2.95

Organic Mini Pod: $3.95

Made in the USA

Where to buy them
* You can find a list of retailers here

* You can get it on Amazon using Swagbucks (so you can get it for free)

* There is a great thread at Diaper Swappers about places where you can get get free shipping.

* I also like Sew Crafty Baby. Shipping is free and there is almost always some kind of discount on the Facebook page. The link here is an affiliate link so if you purchase using that link I thank you in advance! She is the person who recommended Softbums to me, so I know she is a great resource for them.

* Michelle at Green Diaper Demos is an expert on this diaper. She knows how to problem solve everything with it. So she is a great resource for troubleshooting, so it is worth a shot getting the diaper from her. She is one of my sponsors as well (but I get no profit from you buying from her).

Are you a Softbums Omni owner? Feel free to complete a survey if you haven’t already. Completion of surveys here at Padded Tush Stats give you extra entries in our giveaways.

Softbums is one of the sponsors of my site and they did provide me with this diaper for review, but all opinions in this post are honest and true. I hold nothing back.

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