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Monday, August 1, 2011

One Size Diaper Project–5 1/2 Months, 15 pounds

Ragababe + One Size + NOT waiting for a restocking.

Does that exist? Does it?

YUP, it does (well, kinda). And I finally figured out the closest I can get to One Size, AI2 bliss.

I have a new obsession (OK, not new because I probably told you about it last time): LAUNDRY REDUCTION. With two in diapers, I am doing diaper laundry all.the.time (a pile is currently on the couch waiting to be folded, another load is in the washer). So I have been ALL for all in two diapers have are small inserts that go into a diaper and then the diaper is reused.

So for me, the perfect One Size Diaper for me right now is an All in Two that has sized inserts that are small (i.e. don’t take up much space in the washing machine). Does that exist? Not QUITE, if you ask me. But remember, I am the creator of “Wincobunz” so you can bet I started improvising.

What do I love about a Flip?  I love that the inside is easy to wipe down and for an all in two, it doesn’t trap odors like a lot of others I have tried. I like that it is one size.

What do I love about the Ragababe? I love the small yet ridiculously absorbent insert. I love that the inserts take up SUCH little space in my wet bag, allowing me to go longer stretches between doing laundry.
Enter….drumroll please….Ragaflip.
So it is a small Ragababe insert in a flip cover. Look at how ridiculously trim it is! And the nice thing is last I checked, you don't need to wait for restockings to just buy the inserts, those are always selling (I may be wrong there).
All right, ‘nuff of that. Here are the other diapers and how he is growing into them:

GroVia AIO: (fit is good, but I am using this diaper more on the older kid because she is potty training and it is easy to get on and off)
22 pound daughter was jealous of the camera attention the 15 pounder got and wanted to model as well. Hopefully this gives you a nice comparison shot on sizing.
Bottombumpers Side Snapping (looking better now, don’t you think? It’s not eating him alive…)
GroVia and Bottom Bumpers….and cute kids. Smile
Wahmies Pocket (I am still having trouble with the inside of the diaper popping out of the top…even when I “short stuff” it. But I do love how soft the diaper is.)
Sprout AI2. This is a new one. I was overwhelmed with it at first, but once I figured it out I was pleasantly surprised. I like the fit across the waist.142143144145
Tiny Tush Elite. Bulky, but I love how easy it is to put on and I don’t have trouble with the snap down rise coming undone.
Bugga Bugga Boutique:  Fit gets a little awkward because the edges of the insert curl so then folding it over to fit the little guy makes it bulky. But I like how narrow it is.
GroVia AI2: Great fit and absorbency, the edges of the insert are curling a bit so it adds some bulk
Oh Katy. Still having trouble with the diaper on the lowest snap setting with the lowest snap setting on the one size insert. But this diaper is a MIRACLE for the little guy. He always sleeps the longest in this diaper, and same goes for the heavy wetting toddler…she always sleeps a long time in it.165168170
Softbums Omni. Going in line with my low laundry goal, this is the diaper that I also use the most right now.
AMP Diaper. still a bit of a bulge for folding the insert down176177178090
Softbums Echo (using this most of the time as well)
Go Green Pocket Diaper: I love how easy these are to put on.
Fit is good too, no bulging from folding the insert.
Wahmies One Size Diaper. I like the fit, but unfortunately the inside of the diaper keeps popping up out of the top, even if I stop short when stuffing.
Green Line Diapers. The toggles are starting to dig into his chunky thighs (see picture). Diaper is also hard to fit around his waist.011012018022
Itti Bitti Tutto. Very soft. A little bulky.
Bumgenius Elemental. Still one of the best for cloth diapering two when out and about. No stuffing when you need to change the setting between kids. Diaper is a bit bulky.
Babykicks One Size Pocket Diaper. Still having trouble with the bulging. When I lay the insert on top it is better, but then I lose the stay dry awesomeness.094095096097
So….questions for you.
What diaper has the best FIT to you here?
What diaper looks the MOST TRIM?
Have you ever done different combos of diapers + inserts for a winning combo?
Please post your answers, hearing from all of you makes my day (and distracts me from dissertation writing!)
Also, check out the One Size Diaper Project post over at Butterfly Girl Rambles On. If you have a One Size Diaper Post, let me know and I can give you a shout out!


  1. I use my Hiney Liney with RagaBabe inserts...still have the suedecloth, plus the super absorbing power of my RagaBabe. Its my favourite combo at the moment!

  2. I can't believe how trim that ragababe and flip is! Good job coming up with that! I'm all over it. I always love how the grovias look, but i"m also really loving the look of the softbums. I need to get me some of those!

  3. Thanks Brittany! I definitely recommend the Softbums for an AI2. I am also digging the Sprout diaper right now...the inserts are soft and fit great across the waist.

  4. What diaper has the best FIT to you here? Softbums Omni
    What diaper looks the MOST TRIM? RagaFlip
    Have you ever done different combos of diapers + inserts for a winning combo? Not yet!


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