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Monday, August 29, 2011

July/August Sponsor Love

All right, all right, I'll accept the bitter truth: I am a nerd who likes cloth diapers and numbers. Running statistics makes me happy and if it is about cloth diapers, well giddy me! Running these statistics takes a lot of time, but I have some wonderful sponsors that make it so that I can help support my family in exchange for all that fun, nerd-filled work.

So I want to give some love to my amazing sponsors. These are ALL companies that I believe in. These are all people I seek out as sponsors because they are people whose products I truly believe in. So I want to tell you a little big about them.

You can see my review of Applecheeks here. I love these diapers. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think the insert is soft, absorbency is great (you can even see it recommended on my "favorite things" page), and colors are cute. I have found the customer service to be outstanding. This is one of my favorite diapers to use on my babies, especially at night on my little guy. The prints/colors on the diapers are FABULOUS. I also like that there are waist extenders on the diapers so that you can get a little extra life out of them. They also have a swim diaper, which I am testing right now.

Green Diaper Demos
This company is fantastic. You will get wonderful customer service and if there is ONE person I could assign the "Cloth Diaper Expert" award to, it would definitely be Michelle at Green Diaper Demos, hands down. She also has lots of specials that she posts on her facebook page, so definitely get that in your newsfeed.
Here are some of the things she has:
She also has a neat cloth diaper trial program, so if you aren't quite sure if cloth is gonna be your thing, her program is a great way to test it out.

Are you having leaky nights? She even has an OVERNIGHT cloth diaper trial program. I wish I knew about this when I was dealing with SO MANY leaky nights with my heavy wetter. You can rent 4 different diapers for 30 days for only $124.05. You return what you don't like and get 80% of that price back (of what you returned) OR you can get 90% in store credit!
She also offers cloth diapering classes, gift registry, demo parties, rewards for frequent customers, and a nice wealth of information on cloth diapers. 
Do me a favor and check her out and say I sent ya!

You have heard me rave about these during my One Size Diaper project AND on my Favorite diapers page. The diaper has a unique internal toggle system that allows you to get a customized fit on the diaper without the cluttered look of a snap down rise.

I Love Cloth Diapers

I love the Opod inserts because they take up very little space in the laundry...meaning I can go a while between diaper changes. I also really like the super absorbent and trim bamboo inserts.
You get a very trim fit on this diaper. Softbums offers both the Echo (a more narrow diaper) and the Omni (which is a little less narrow but has a pocket opening so you can stuff in an insert). You can see my review of the Echo diaper here and the Omni here.

One of my favorite prints of this diaper is awesome print:
Curse me for having to have gender neutral diapers for my little ones! I SO want this one!
Not in the market to buy diapers just yet? Still head on over to their facebook page to give them love. Tell them Padded Tush Stats sent you.

Sew Crafty Baby
Love this company. This is where I first bought my cloth diapers from and the owner walked me through my options. She even, on occasion, has talked me out of certain purchases and directed me towards less expensive purchases to make sure I got what was best for me. That means I know that I can trust her. She puts careful thought into what she sells in her store. She is also launching a new line, Bee Green Naturals. I have the vanilla chapstick and I can't stop kissing my husband ;)

Here are some of the things she has:

Stinkerpants Diapers
Oh I am so sad. This company is closing. I really like CaraLin and how she runs this company. She is so sweet and kind. Right now they are selling everything. Free shipping (within US) and everything is 20% off with the code: Storeclose.


Butterflygirlms Rambles On
Heather at Butterflygirlms Rambles On ROCKS. She got me all of my buttons for the Golden Diaper Awards so quickly and they are absolutely precious. She does lots of different blog designs that are so cute and she is very flexible. She is also doing the One Size Diaper project as well, so you can see pictures of her baby growing in different One Size Diapers. Here is her most recent work for me...a badge for diaper makers and sellers to put on their sites:
Head on over to my wonderful sponsor to send her your love!

Thank you SO MUCH to my sponsors. I appreciate all you do. Thanks for keeping this site running. Readers, if you like what this site has to offer, please do me a favor and check out these great sponsors. THANKS!

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