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Friday, August 26, 2011

Sunbaby 4.0 One Size Pocket Diaper Review

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When I talk with non-cloth diapering parents or parents to-be about cloth diapering, one of the first things they talk about is their concern about the initial cost of cloth diapers. Of course I give my usual speech about how I think that you can accumulate half of your stash of diapers if you start using Swagbucks at the end of your first trimester. But for those who don’t want to use Swagbucks or who need diapers soon, there are also very inexpensive cloth diaper options, such as the Sunbaby diaper. You can score 12 diapers (with their inserts) for $60, which comes out to $5 a diaper. People generally recommend at least 20—so you can buy 24 diapers with inserts for $108, which is $4.50 per diaper and you are spending only $108 for a stash of diapers (that’s about how much I spent for 2 months of disposables for my little one). In this personal review of the diaper (as opposed to my statistical reviews that are based on a bunch of survey responses) I am going to tell you how I would respond to a Padded Tush Stats survey if I were filling it out for my kids.

Video Review

Let’s first look at the basics of this diaper:

* This is a one size diaper, which means it is intended to fit a baby from birth to potty training (7-35 pounds).

* There are three rows of two snaps, which allows you to adjust the fit to meet the size needs of your baby.

* This is a pocket diaper, which means you stuff it with an insert.

* The diaper comes with a microfiber insert.

* Back where you stuff in the insert, there is a backflap that goes over the opening. This helps to prevent leaks.

* The inside of the diaper is lined with a stay dry microfleese that wicks moisture away from the baby’s bum.

* Up by the tummy, on the inside of the diaper, is a thin strip of PUL that prevents leakage at the belly (this is especially helpful if you have a tummy sleeper).

* The hipsnaps allow you to get a snug fit across the legs and to help prevent the wings of the diaper from riding up or drooping down.

* The outside of the diaper is made out of a waterproof PUL

* There is elastic in the gussets (leg part) of the diaper, and across the back.

* The diaper closes with snap closures (there is a row of 10 snaps so you can customize the fit across the tummy)

* There are two snap closures on each side. These prevent the diaper wings from poking up.

How the Sunbaby 4.0 is different from the 3.0

* Hip snaps

* Wider and more comfortable elastic

* Thinner, higher quality PUL

* Softer microfleese inner

* Wider crotch

* Wider microfiber insert

Made in China

One of the controversies about this diaper is that the reason it is cheap is because it is made in China. I don’t have too much to say on this topic because I am not terribly sure how I feel about it, but here is the statement on the company’s website:

Sunbaby Diapers are manufactured in Shanghai, China. Our city has strict laws forbidding cheaper labor. People who use child labor will be put into jail or fined huge amount money. So buy confidently! Your Diapers are manufactured under fair labor conditions. I am the only seller of Sunbaby diapers in china, I never make wholesale business to retailers in china so that I can ensure that I have a reasonable profit and workers in our factory can get paid well and don’t have to work overtime.”

About My Babies

  Baby #1 (Toddler) Baby #2 (you will see the / for when things CHANGED at 5 months)
Is your Child a Heavy Wetter Yes Yes/No
Do you have a chunkier sized baby for his/her age No No/Yes
Do you have a skinny baby for his/her age Yes Yes/No
Does your baby have chunky thighs? No No/Yes
Does your baby have skinny thighs? No Yes/No
Is your baby prone to rashes Yes Yes
Please indicate the weights of your baby when using this diaper 16-20 pounds; 21-25 pounds 10pounds – 15 pounds
Please indicate the ages of your baby when using this diaper 18-24 months 2 months-6 months
Size used One Size One Size

Survey responses on how this diaper worked on my babies:

(On a scale of 1-5…1 being low score, 5 being high)
Baby #1 Baby #2
Absorbency 3 4
Fit 5 4
Worth the Price 5 5
Trim 4 4
Liked by Skeptics 4 4
Daycare-worthy 3 3
Naptime 3 5
Night-time 1 5
Would Recommend 3 3
What are the PROS of this diaper? I like the affordability of this diaper. There are also some cute prints.  
What are the CONS of this diaper? When stuffing the diaper, I would always get the insert stuck under the fabric that holds the outer snaps in place.
The diaper has a much thinner PUL than other diapers I have, which felt a little cheaper (but I would expect this of a diaper that is the third of the cost of other diapers).
My older child leaked a lot at the legs, it went through the PUL at the crotch, which leads me to believe the issue is with the PUL (I contacted Sunbaby and they recommend experimenting with inserts. I am kind of limited on my insert stash, but I found that a lot of my inserts are too wide to stuff into the diaper).
Are there any other comments or tips you would like to add about this diaper? (for example, a particular stuffing method you found helpful, or anything else!) I think I would only recommend this as a budget-friendly solution for someone. The fact that you have to buy the diaper in large batches makes it difficult for someone to try out a new diaper to see how it works (you can probably get used on Diaper Swappers).  


You can see how a baby grows into this diaper by checking out my One Size Diaper project, where I take pictures of my son in his One Size diapers on a bi-weekly basis.

Have you tried out this diaper?
If so, then please fill out the survey for this over here. Aside from personal reviews that I do (such as this one), I also do reviews based on survey responses from people who have used the diapers on their babies. Therefore, by filling out surveys you help contribute to more comprehensive reviews that are sorted by baby characteristics (so thanks in advance!).


$60 for 12 ($5 a diaper)

$108 for $24 ($4.50 per diaper)

Where to buy them
* You can buy these at the Sunbaby website.

Although I received this diaper for review from Sunbaby Diapers, all opinions in this post are my own.

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