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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Count of Surveys–I need your help

Some of you have asked that I list what diapers I really need survey responses on. Please see the list below. Remember that once I reach 20, YOU get to see a review on these! I am posting stats right now as well for my Master Table. If you want one of these to reach 20, then PLEASE contact those diaper creators and ask them to spread the news.

GroVia posted on their Facebook page asking people to fill out the survey and within HOURS we went from 24 responses to 146! When Diaper Creators post on Facebook, asking their fans to fill out the survey, it makes a difference (if I post on the walls it doesn’t go to the fans every day newsfeed, make sense?). I have asked diaper creators to post, but they get so many requests like this it is hard for them to pick what to promote.

Hopefully you can help spread the news that once we get these survey responses in, this stat table is going to be SO HELPFUL for all of us. Can you imagine? If you have a chunky baby, you can go to this website and there will be a whole column for you…you can see percentages on how well the diapers scored overall for a chunky baby. If your baby is rash prone, you can at one glance see how different diapers worked. So please, if you can, let people know! So exciting! And if you do help spread the news (on facebook pages, message boards, blogs, whatever), please write here and let me know so I can give you an electronic HUG.

Sunbaby -  14

Sunbaby 3.0 -  6

Kawaii Baby Heavy Duty – 11

Fuzzi buinz perfect size – 11

Best Bottom – 2

Bleuberry Basix – 2

Itti Bitti D’lissh – 4

Little lion prefold – 3

Softbums Omni – 11

GroVia Newborn AIO – 7

Zabi Baby prefolds – 11

Happy Heiny’s One Size Pocket – 4

GroVia AI2 – 19!!!!!

GMD Prefolds – 11

Econobums – 16

Thirsties Duo Diaper- 6

Bottom Bumpers Side Snapping AIO One Size – 6

Tots Bots Pocket Diaper – 12

Kawaii Baby Snazzy Minky – 6

Bottom Bumpers Side Snapping AIO SIZED – 16

Motherease Sandy’s – 4

Lil Joey – 5

Kissaluvs Fitted - 15

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