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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge–Day 4–WincoBUNZ

[This is a part of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge Series. To read more of my posts on this, see a list here. To see the Dirty Diaper Laundry Flats and Handwashing Challenge series, go here.]

Today started off in a rush. I had to leave the house in a hurry to head out to my Grandparents house and I forgot my wet bag with half of my stash of diapers! The good news is I am here at the top of a hill that overlooks the valley and a nice breeze comes right up to greet my diapers.

See the diapers enjoying the view:
I asked my Grandma if I could use her bathtub to wash the diapers, but she insisted I use her laundry sink. SO MUCH EASIER! Wow! I washed diapers twice today and didn’t mind at all. I liked that I didn’t have to worry about leaving a bathroom door open and risking a baby falling into a bathtub filled with water. I think at home I want to use a bucket or storage bin now. And I didn’t use a plunger, I just put on my fancy rubber gloves and I felt like it made my diapers cleaner. I could pull out each diaper individually to make sure it isn’t clumped up into a padfold or anything. So nice! They dried so quickly in the breeze:
But the cover problem was a big issue. The youngest had plenty, but the oldest only had two and OF COURSE she had two poops in a row (when she normally poops once a day—I bet one day she’ll love that I share her BM schedule with the world). So I had no cover. I tried putting my EXTRA SMALL Thirsties cover on my 24 pound daughter…obviously it leaked. So finally I created a new brand of diaper:

Winco-BUNZ *
*copyright pending

I put a Winco shopping bag on her! I just made some holes and put it on.  Worked like a charm!
That picture just makes me want to roll on the floor laughing! When she walked she went *swish swish swish*!

I also enjoyed swapping flat folds with my Gma. She did a version of the Kite Fold. She talked about how when she was younger they made diapers out of Chicken Feed Sacks. She said they actually came in different prints. She also said her dresses were made of Chicken Feed Sacks as well and my great grandfather would always come home with sacks with matching prints so they could use multiple bags to make one dress. Interesting! I love how this challenge has helped me learn a little bit of information on my family.
I enjoyed chatting with her and also showing her the Diaper Bag Fold:

One of the things that amazes me is how these stand up at night. I padfold a flat inside of a flat that is in the Diaper Bag fold and I get a leak free night for my heavy wetter! I crack up because I have thick diapers that always hold the stink and are a pain to strip. I think I might stick with these flats for overnight.


  1. I loved your post! LOL!! I think I'm sticking to the flats for overnights too! I absolutely HATE the ammonia smell that comes out of the diaper when I'm changing my son in the morning and I'm afraid it would burn him. Stripping it's just not working anymore..

  2. Thank you! And I hear you on the ammonia and stripping. As much as I wash the diapers, that barn smell doesn't go away. I have practically drowned it in bacout, but I don't think that it gets all the way into a fitted. Now I am digging the flats. Woot woot!


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