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Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Size Diaper Project–Week 13

When I am looking into buying a one-size diaper, I am always wondering how the baby looks as he/she is growing  in the diaper. For example, how does it work during the skinny-legged days? What about during a chunky phase? What about going into toddlerhood? Because of this, I decided to start up a One Size Diaper Project. For this project, I will be posting pictures of my baby in one size diapers. I hope to update it weekly so you can see how he is growing into different one size diapers.

Are you interested in submitting some One Size Pictures as well? If you want to post pictures for this project you can email them to me at paddedtushstats@gmail.com
If you are a blogger, you can also include your link below and direct people to your blog to check it out.
Week 13 – Roughly 11 pounds

Bottom Bumpers Side Snapping AIO, BG Elementals, BG Flip, Green Line Diapers

GroVia AIO, Rocky Mountain Diapers, Softbums Echo, Softbums Omni
Sunbaby, Itti Bitti Tutto, Oh Katy, GroVia AI2

See previous week here

Include your link here if you have pictures of you are participating in the One Size Diaper Project.

What diaper do you think has the best fit right now?


  1. I would have to say the trimmest goes to 2, GroVia AIO & Softbums Echo! I love the Sunbaby diaper..too cute! Do you like those?

  2. I would love to know:
    How is the performance of each for the particular size and stage of your baby?
    Does one absorb better?
    Do any leek?
    Any other thoughts or comments?
    Have you tried BG 4.0, Doopsy, or Rumparooz?

  3. Your little guy is absolutely adorable!!

    Can I ask, how long/tall is he? My daughter is only 6.5 weeks old and already approaching 11 lbs, but she's also 23 inches long (or maybe longer) so she looks skinny (except for the big belly).
    I'm considering getting some one size diapers that she can share with her 2 year old sister (33 inches and 22 lbs).

  4. Here are my thoughts so far...

    Bottom Bumpers Side Snapping AIO- tough to put on, but very absorbent

    BG Elementals – love this one…like how absorbent it is, how soft it is, and how easy to change sizing for my two kids

    BG Flip- I borrowed the cover from a friend just for the pictures. I have one on the way for my kid to use…will be here soon. (but used to have one for my oldest...regret getting rid of it, love the organic)

    Green Line Diapers – was absorbent but some pee leaks through on to cover. Diaper is definitely trim, but there is a learning curve for putting it on.

    GroVia AIO-hard to put on, but otherwise awesome. Love how easy it is to change sizing for both kids

    Rocky Mountain Diapers – I am yet to have a leak free experience with this

    Softbums Echo, Softbums Omni – love both of these. Mini pods never worked, even when he was a newborn. I used prefolds instead and now the bamboo pod works great

    Sunbaby- no leaks. Not too bad. Pocket tough to stuff because fabric is kind of cheap inside

    Itti Bitti Tutto, Oh Katy, GroVia AI2 0 these I got the day I took the pictures so I can’t say yet!

    BG 4.0 was in the wash this week, as were BG3.0 and Dinkledooz. Haven’t tried others…yet ;(

  5. oh forgot best bottoms...LOVE it and love how easy it is to switch between kids (sizing)

  6. Thanks Aimee. I will have to track down some measuring tape. :)

  7. The pictures are great, but I Love your comments on this too. So helpful! I'm so excited to try some of these out.


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