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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: May

I wanted to highlight my sponsors for this month and give them a special thank you.


Stinkerpants Diapers


I absolutely love the personality of this distributor. She is so kind and excited about diapers (wouldn’t you want to buy from someone like that!). She is offering a great Memorial Day Sale right now:

All BAMBOO basic packs will be buy 3 get the 4th FREE!!!
20% off all other SoftBums AND of all Leslie's Boutique Wetbags!!!
Sale will run from Friday May 27th to Monday May 30th!


Green Diaper Demos

Have you ever bought a diaper and fought leak issues? I often find that little issues I have with diapers could be easily solved with some good advice. I like to buy diapers from places where the person helps me “wear in” to my diaper. If you are wanting to buy a diaper with exceptional troubleshooting, Green Diaper Demos is the place to go. Shipping is free for orders over $40 and she tries to ship stuff out THE SAME DAY. She also offers a Stash Cash Rewards Program to help reward returning customers (there is even an incentive for referrals!).

Oh Katy Diapers

I was sent this diaper to review for the One Size Diaper Project and I personally contacted the owner to ask if she could be a sponsor. I was excited that this diaper held up for me overnight. I stuffed it with my Super Soaker and the diaper was SO soft and had great coverage. I am excited to have this sponsor and I hope you could go check them out.

Thank you SO MUCH, sponsors. I appreciate you so much. Readers, please go and check these out as a special “Thank You” for them keeping Padded Tush Stats going. It takes a lot of work on my part to run all these stats (right now I am working on a HUGE Master table of stats). Having sponsors is the only way I can justify this time to my husband. So please, as a thank you to them for helping me get these stats up, check ‘em out.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, I have very low rates right now as I am trying to fill up a few June slots. Please contact me at paddedtushstats@gmail.com to get rates.

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