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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting the Man On Board for the Flats Challenge: A 180

I wanted to cloth diaper months before I actually started. Why you ask? Well, it was the hubbs holding me back. I wonder how many of you were held back because of your significant other? He did NOT like the idea of it at all. Of course he finally gave in because he didn't like hearing me talk about my cloth diaper research every day (Ha! Little did he know giving in wouldn't change anything!).
OsoCozy Birdseye Flat Cloth Diapers - 27x27 inches (dozen)
So when I told him about the flats challenge he, who is the one who changes my daughter's diapers at night, was NOT on board. He looked at me, said, "You are crazy...no," and left it at that. Mind you, I have a wonderful husband. But he is the kind of guy that needs to be eased into things.

I told him I would be on diaper duty ALL week and left that seed planted in his head.

So in my head, I have been drafting a post to write you. I thought about how I told you I was IN on this challenge. How could I back out? Maybe I could do a semi-challenge with prefolds?

Just when I was about ready to throw in my snappy, husband was chatting with me on the way home from a family event:

DH: "So, this diaper challenge thingy....when is it?"
Me: "Towards the end of this month."
DH: "And do you have the diapers?"
Me: "I think a company is sending me some. But I don't know if I have enough for both kids."
DH: "Will you do this challenge for both kids?"
Me: "Well, I think it would be neat. I don't know what other bloggers are doing this with two kids, but I think it would be neat for people to see how this goes with TWO babies."
DH: "I think you should do it with both kids."

What on earth?!?! Seriously? What is odd is I KNOW what you are thinking...you are thinking he says both kids because it would mean he wouldn't have to diaper either kid for a week. But the thing is the kid I said we would do the challenge with is the older one. So he is wanting me to add in our 11 week old?

Talk about a 180.

**Update** Things just got interesting!!
Me:  "So Sweetie, now that you are OK with the whole flat diapers for a week thing...I have something to tell you. It's a little more extreme than that."
DH: "What?"
Me: "Well....um....we kind of have to hand wash them too...as part of the challenge."
DH: "Why?"
Me: "Well, a lot of people who say they can't diaper say they can't because they don't have a washer and dryer. So for this challenge we show how handwashing works. The person who started this challenge put up a great video on making a washer out of a bucket with a lid and a toilet plunger, but I think I will just use a storage bucket. You know, the $5 ones we get at Target."
DH: "Why would you do that?"
Me: "Well, we already have one."
DH: "I bet we have a five gallon bucket. And I think we are in need of a new toilet plunger anyway, so we might as well. I can drill a hole and we could just have that washer."

SERIOUSLY!?!?! My husband use to be the MOST opposed guy to cloth diapering and look at him now. If you have a significant other...don't lose hope!

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  1. Haha.
    Funny how they change their minds like that!


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