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Friday, May 27, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge–Day 5

[This is a part of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge Series. To read more of my posts on this, see a list here. To see the Dirty Diaper Laundry Flats and Handwashing Challenge series, go here.]
Is no news good news? I hope so! Today was fairly UN-anti-climactic (that’s right, you get a post without me complaining all the way through it!).
Even though I am cloth diapering two babies with a stash that is LESS than recommended for just one, I am actually surviving. I am working off of about 16 flats and 2 covers per baby. I wash in the morning and at night and I am hanging them to dry and they are getting a wonderful breeze. I find that since the water goes downward (duh, gravity), they are damp towards the bottom. So I just like to flip them upside down about halfway through drying. I have NO IDEA if that helps, but I like to think it does!
I did overflow the sink and that was…icky to say the least!
Washing is a CINCH in the laundry sink. So easy. All I have for gadgets are my rubber gloves and detergent. That’s it. It takes only about 8 minutes to wash the diapers and then about 15 to wring them out (ick, my least favorite part about it).
Kids are doing GREAT in the diapers. The youngest (3 month old) was in a padfold all day and it worked great. The oldest was in a diaper bag fold quite a bit, but I was also experimenting with other folds. I am finding that my Rumparooz cover just isn’t working for this challenge. Although it is waterproof, it seems to HOLD water (or pee). The pee leaks right through the diaper on to the outside. It also takes about 30 hours to dry, even in the sun. I love the Thirsties covers and the Flip cover is working very well too.
I did create a database (ok, fine, TABLE) with different folds and instructional videos and I hope you can try some out and give your rating on how the diaper did. I am using stats from the Flat Fold survey to add “scores” to these folds for the table. FUN!
What I learned today
* Turn the flats upside down (so unpin it and take that which is hanging from the bottom and pin that part)
* Don’t overflow the sink
* Be simple: Rubber gloves, detergent, laundry sink (or a tub), drying rack
Happy folding!

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