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Monday, May 30, 2011

Flat Fold Invention Submission: For Grandma Fold

Here is another submission for the Flat Fold Invention Competition from  Jan at My Moderate Family.

“As you all know I am participating in the flats and handwashing challenge, I have vowed to use only flat diapers and wash them all by hand for 1 week. The problem is my mother did not vow to use flats and was done her time with handwashing basic diapers almost 30 yrs ago.
I usually give my mother, mother in law, or any other babysitter pocket diapers or all in ones to use, but this week that is bit an option so I once again had to get creative. So I took all the covers I had to use which involved blow drying a couple that where hanging up and pre stuffed them making flat fold all in twos.

Step one: make a square
If you have real flats they are already square, since I’m using upcycled receiving blankets I need to fold down one side a bit to square off my diaper.


Step Two: fold into quarters


Step three: Fold into soaker
Fold each side at an angle to make a soaker pad that is wider at the back then it is in the front.


Step 4: place in cover, tuck the narrow end under the flap of the cover (if there is one) ensure the edges are inside the elastic of the cover and pull the back of the cover up to cup around the soaker pad.


Add a flushable liner if you want and close the diaper cover up to keep it all together. Voila a simple grandma/daddy/babysitter friendly flat fold all in two.”


1 comment:

  1. I've done that only its a 'sibling' fold as it's for my older kids to use. LOL.


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