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Friday, May 27, 2011

Flat Fold Invention Submission: Accordian Fold

Ashley from Adventures with My Monkeys has submitted a fold tutorial for our Flat Fold Invention Competition. Check it out, this is the accordian fold:

“And now for the new fold I invented today.  I'm sure it's been done before but I've never seen it.  It's similar to a prefold type fold so prefold mamas might really like it.  It's really easy.  I call it accordion fold because you fold back and forth a bit.  This fold would be great for boys.  I think you really need a Snappi for it though-I'll show you why at the end.

Start out with your diaper folded the hot dog way-long and skinny (just fold once)

Now bring one side in towards the middle-you can adjust it later where it needs to go to get the maximum amount of layers in the middle

Fold the edge of that fold back like you did in grade school with a piece of paper when you folded paper accordions

Repeat with other side-bring flap in towards the center

Now fold it back out

At this point you can fold up the rise and put on baby if you want but it will be a bit wide OR...

Fold those edges inside more to make it skinnier and to hold in the breastfed poop

I then put it on Baby K.

Closer picture-note that this is bulkier than normal because he also has a trifolded hemp preflat AND a microfleece liner to stay dry

Here's the issue I mentioned about the Snappi-when you put it on there's an extra little wing you need to secure and I'm not sure that pins will catch it.

Another view of it

It's not perfected yet but I wanted to share.  This was the second time doing this fold.  If you do this fold feel free to comment with your link!  Hopefully this will help some mamas that are having leaking issues with there not being enough layers for boys!”

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